Doctors Willing To Prescribe Schedule 2 Central Texas


Have been on oxycotin 40mg 3xdaily and percocet 15 as needed. Need a doctor who will spend time with me-long medical history. Any small town area around Austin or within 100 miles.

Better yet, one that (internist-GP) who can assist in my adhd meds and knows anything about dextroamphetemine sulphate and how it can reduce pain anywhere from 50-100%. A life without opiods would be amazing. Plus, I have never addressed my ADHD-refused adderall. Have tried all the holistic hippie stuff and neuro/anti-depressants to no avail. Docs don't know what to do with me.

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Amphetamines don't help with the management of pain. There are some drs who will prescribe amphetamines to combat the sidew affects of some of the pain meds. But, those drs are few and far between, even if they are pain management drs.

GP's can still write rxs for ADD and pain meds for chronic pain. But finding one who will write you rxs for both will be almost impossible. Combine that with the fact that you're in Texas, in a small town and a new patient and it will be impossible. You will have to either have a GP who will rx your ADD meds or your pain meds and go to a specialist for the other one. And finding a GP who will do that will be next to impossible. Both classes of meds are highly addictive and they treat different problems in different parts of the body.

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Wrong. I had one internist that would have prescribed my adhd meds and my current pain meds that I have been taking for 12 years.

Don't need the lecture. No offense , but Research shows you are right about adderall and chronic pain, but not dextroamphetemine sulphate. I need some who will prescribe this and a taper gradual until it works. I live in Austin-not a small town. Looking for small town doctor who will listen as I've had bf. Many people with my disease responding very positively to this particular stimulant

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San Antonio Texas, Dr. William Alec Tisdall located 1919 Rogers Rd.

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I'm sick and tired of these Holy then thou doctor's ,ESP.pain management, they will give just enough of morphine to keep you dependent,not adicted,there's a difference, and then just drag you along,without trying something, let's say methadone, which I was on for 15 plus years at the same dose 120 mgs aday,with much better results. But here in Jacksonville, Florida,doctor's, are scared every since the data tracking started here in 2011,and DEA, bussed the pill Mills.however, we that truly need meds for chronic pain, have to beg,and pleed. I'm 60 yrs old,had 7 major surgery, from spinal,hip,knee replmts, and try to stay very active, but can't when pain is overwhelming, What and who has the answer? Doctor's in j-ville are scared to offer treatment, please if you know one who isn't scared to do what there trained to do please let me know.

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