Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Meds In Ocean County New Jersey


In 7 car pile up....need 3 surgeries that were denied by insurance...dr suddenly discharged me and won't even get on phone to say why. I am in constant pain and am going through withdrawal. Any dr. In nj preferably ocean county would really help.

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Hi, Michael! How are you? Sorry about the problem that's arisen for you.

However, right now the best thing you can do would be to really look into finding out why they dismissed you. It does concern you and your medical records, so you have a right to know. If they won't tell you, then you may need to request a copy of your medical records from them in order to find out what they have in there.

The reason I'm advising you to do this is because it's going to influence what happens with a new doctor. For instance, if for some reason they say you were receiving too many medications, or getting them filled early, that's going to flag you and make new doctors reluctant to prescribe anything for you.

Does anyone know of any good doctors in that area?

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All prescriptions were taken as directed.Also doctor will not even take my calls.

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I know a dr but he's a bit further than ocean county. {edited for privacy}.

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Jill can we talk!

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I need to find a doctor which will give me the pain Med that I was on before it worked but I became pregnant and they stop seeing me so after birth I started seeing another doc and the pee texted me and I had nothing in my text cause I tried to stop taking pain meds so now I can not find doc and I really need help I have had broken back messed up disc extra I need something I live inseneca but I will travel

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Hi Jill I'm an Ocean County resident who is willing to travel. Yes, I have real injuries. If I find the time to help I'd be forever thankful Ty Pete F

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Hey buddy, I just moved up to Northern New Jersey, about 15 minutes north of Morristown. But I am trying to find a doctor up here, so that I don't have to travel 3 hours back down to Atlantic City to see my original Pain Management Doctor. I have 3 torn ligaments in my right ankle and a fracture in the same ankle bone. I have been on oxycodone 30mg four times a day (as needed ). But if you could stear me towards a good reliable doctor that is located in Northern New Jersey orrr New York, I would really appreciate it. My pain medicine helps me get thru my daily routines each day, which is working like crazy haha.
Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

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Need a dr anywhere in nj that takes amerigroup insurance and writes pain medication

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My Doctor Closed and Icant Get A New One And Mri Doesn't SOo The Problem. I Also Had 7 Sergeries On My Left Hand And Have Nerve Damage And All I Feal Is pain

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I Did Not Realize My 1St Message Was Going To Yo. I Live In EHT and Just Want ToBe Able To Work And Im Ready To Loose My Job Beause Of This. Can You Give Me Tgr Name Of The Dr You Were Referred To I Need My Job! Icant Loose My Familes House.

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Looking for a Dr in new jersey that is not afraid to writ a prescription my doctor has me on 30 MG of oxycodone and I will be moving to nj I am afraid that my new Dr will take me off can any one help me out

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Jill any chance we can talk via email or some how, I live in Northern New Jersey and I need a doctor. I have all my legit paper work, MRI's and Pharm records. Let me know, thanks

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He will. Jersey's crazy opioid epidemic is out of control. They are cutting everyone's everything.

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Looking for doctor in ocean county , New Jersey orthopedic doctor who give out meds

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Jill can you help me I fell on a wet cement floor and injured my back to the point I can't sit up.I live in ocean county New Jersey.

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Dr Jorden Fersel in Cranford NJ will prescribe oxycodone pretty much for anyone from what I see, but I can't go to him any longer but I'm sure some of u can! If anyone can help me find someone in central or north jersey or ocean county I will go as far as I must ! Good luck and hope this helps someone who could help me too! Thanks so much and good luck! {edited for privacy} is my email!

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I saw you knew a doctor in south jersey?? However you cannot post that info here. I need a new doctor also and am going through it just to find one. Recommend a webpage or even just a last name to google??

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Never mind this message board thing is crazy!! Lol

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jill can we talk
i dont know how to or if i can im you

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What dr do u know?? I see you out something but it got edited

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Re: Jimmy (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Try Dr. Shams Quershi
Main Avenue
Clifton, Nj

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Re: shadow22 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There are pain med doctors all through NJ called Reliev-us. I don't know where Ocean Co is, but Google them any give it a try. They require you to come in weekly, biweekly, then monthly and give drug panels every time. And you are treated like cattle. I left them 2 years ago because of that. But they are there if you are desperate. Good luck and feel better. Let me know how you do if you go.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

UCI Pain Management. Be sure to have your medical records.

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I have a similar problem, I had a great MD but last week DEA came in for a "routine inspection" took all medical records and my appt for refill rox 30 is on fri. So now I'm screwed. If I can't get rx by sat I'm in trouble. I also am 60 and the idea of wd's at this point is terrifying. Anyone with ideas much appreciated. I can get MRI and a pharmacy printout. All ideas welcome I am in Monmouth but willing to travel if no other choice.

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Hi Alissa,

I'm a 37 year old housewife that is in chronic pain. I have degenerative disc disease along with rheumatoid arthritis. Can you please share with me the name of the 2 doctors you known of? {edited for privacy}

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Hattab raed (1-908-994-1900) in elizabeth, nj. Hope it helps.

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I am interested in the Toms River and Edison Dr.'s if you could give me their names. I have been in severe pain since I was in a private plane crash 19 years ago. Really in need.

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Alissa, Could u maybe just put the dr on here please? I'm really in need of one especially one who takes cash. {edited for privacy}

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Hey Jill, id like the info on the Dr u have. I too can share info on 2 drs that prescribe. One in tomsriver, one in edision.

They're great doctors, but the other one I'm seeing now changed his policy for insurance and I can't see him anymore. The other dr accepts cash.

{edited for privacy}

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Who were you seeing in Ac ?? And do you recommend them??

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