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I have been on methadone for about 6 years and had to start going to a maintenance clinic a few yrs ago after my pain dr lost his license here in Phoenix, Arizona. I tried going to another pain clinic after mine closed but they wanted me off the methadone and forced me to taper off of it in one week and demanded I took gabapentin which DOES NOT work and they didn't care. Anyways, I went to mmt clinic and have been there since but there are so many things wrong with it, I'd end up writing a book. Does anyone know of a pain Mgmt doc who writes methadone scripts in Metro Phoenix area?

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Unfortunately, since you've been going to the clinic, it isn't likely that you'll find a doctor that will take you on. For addiction/maintenance, the current laws will only allow it to be provided in a clinical setting by those that have been specially trained in its use for such. With a clinic being noted in your medical records, most aren't going to be willing to touch you, due to the possible ramifications.

I understand that the clinics are inconvenient and expensive… most likely many others things we could add, as well, but you're really no other choice.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I saw your advice to JD72...I too have recently moved here and have been on a pain management plan in TX. Any advice on where I can go to continue my treatment? 180X20mg oxy and IV's.

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My clinic P.A. CAN and WILL, if need be, write me a letter for a pain mgmt. dr. stating that I am only on the methadone for non-addiction reasons and specifically for PAIN purposes, as it was the only med that worked for me after long term trial-and-error. I even have the records from the Dr. who lost his license, as the DEA confiscated all his patient records and they called all his patients one day and said “you all have (something like) one week to pick them up or they are getting shredded".

I just want to find another doctor who's not scared s***less by the DEA and sticks up to their standards and their learning and does NOT FEAR THE MOB KNOWN AS THE DEA who has now stuck their nose in every aspect of doctor/patient relationships!!! If SOME PATIENTS ARE SUICIDAL AND MISUSE THEIR MEDICATIONS, they shouldn't have to RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE!!!

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My doctor is being reviewed by the board for prescribing me so much and could be in trouble, i don't know its all the dea they fear but the boards who license them, i have legit reasons but my tolerance is high and I'm on a TON of stuff!!! Did you find doctor? With all i am on thinking methadone may be better, on 100mcg patch every other day, 30 mg oxy every 4 hours and morphine er 100 mg twice a day

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I hate to say this but if a doctor is prescribing you all of that medicine at one time, he should be investigated. I have broke my back, just had my fourth back surgery, have had two ankle surgery that now has major nerve damage and 15 other major surgeries and my pain management would NEVER have me on all that at once and I would not agree to it. Accept the fact that you will never be pain free and work with your doctor to get on the least amount of pain meds that you can be on and tolerate the pain and you will feel better than on all that stuff. Granted, you will still feel pain. Also. Try a physiologist that specialize in pain management. They do wonders and prescribe nothing

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Nope, I still don't have pain mgmt dr, still at mmt clinic (notice it is a year later! IF anyone even is reading this thread?!?!) but PA there last week tells md she wants me to find a pm dr. But hey, I tried to get my PCP to send me to a new doc and they wrote referral for an orthopedic specialist, basically they are sports med. docs, that wasn't really what we talked about in the last appt., pain medicine is a LITTLE bit different!!
Did you get meds straightenened out, Jenny?

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All my Dr will prescribe is Norco 10/325. Suggestions on who to see in for help to alleviate pain?

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I just saw this post kind of randomly but hope I can help. Try Dr Fedoriw in Chandler, Az at Arizona Back Pain Institute. It's just his private practice....I know it sounds like one of those big chain kind of places but is not. He is great!! He writes for heavy dose requirements and is very good at doing so. He follows rules, is safe, etc but it's just refreshing that he does it based on you as the patient, not what he thinks the DEA wants to see him prescribe. He writes for methadone as pain mgmt treatment as well. He offered to put my husband on that if the oxycodone ever becomes not effective enough anymore since he's been on a super high dose for so long. He is also a doctor with high ethical standards! He doesn't just do inj's. on you because he can. He actually told my husband he could NOT have any more inj's. and explained why on his first visit with him. I couldn't believe I was hearing a pain doctor be so honest and refuse inj's.!! He could make more money off us by requiring inj's. be performed before writing meds, like many pain doctors are doing now, but instead he was the first doctor after years of this to tell my husband about the medical condition in his back that prevents inj's. from working. It's so sad these doctors are so scared of the dea and are hurting people and subjecting them to procedures they don't even need. I could go on and on but get on his website and read about the standard of care he practices by and that pain meds come before procedures. He seems to be one of the few actually following these guidelines that are set by the medical association in the first place! Good luck. I know you won't be disappointed with him.

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Yes!! Go to central mesa medical; it is a chiropractor office with a pain management side. She prescribes methadone and is awesome, really willing to help. Please go and get your life fixed up right!

204 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 962-0868

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My mother is on Oxycodone 120/30 mg and Oxycotin 60 mg. Her doctor is moving out of town. Does anyone know a Doctor that is not afraid to continue this regiment in Phoenix AZ. It took several years to reach this dose and it is where she is comfortable- she has Scoliosis.

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Wow sounds like I'm same boat as u! I've moved several times, now moving again. This time so I can be back with my family again. And EVERYTIME I worry I can't get my meds filled as I have a crap load of health problems all causing chronic pain :( the biggest thing I hate is when ur on this stuff for PROPER reasons & all the addicts out there have made the docs scared s***less. God it's tiresome. Now I'm moving to Arizona & trying to get an idea of what kinda issues I may have, yet SO FAR I can't get answers. My doc here doesn't have anyone to hand me over to in Arizona. So as with my last moves, I gotta find one myself. Had I known this stuff (methadose) was soooo hard to get off of id have never taken it in first place. But sadly after trying EVERYTHING it's the ONLY thing that remains in my system & actually controls most of the pain. Which is why my doc (like 15 years ago) finally tried me on it. God this is a tiresome system :(

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Willing to help.
Peoria area.
what's your current dose per day?
And other meds you're currently on (including all prescription meds and any street drgs, hopefully it won't come to that).

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@Veritas - I'm in Scottsdale and will drive to your practice, was on 90/30mg oxycodone but recently lost my job and my insurance. Former college athlete at local university and currently have scoliosis (can prove both). Willing to pay office visit fee, can't go any longer without medicine. Figure the office fee will be cheaper than Cobra.....{edited for privacy}.

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@veritas i take 8 ten mg methadone a day im willong to drive im a mother of two with No my family doctor closed down i have two day supply i teacher it for pain chronic pain please help

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@veritas i take 8 ten mg methadone a day im willong to drive im a mother of two with No help my family doctor closed down i have two day supply i take it for pain chronic pain please help

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I am desparate for about a months worth of vicodin. I have a pinched nerve in my upper back. I know myself and am just trying to get through this for the short term. Can you help?

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They coupled the pain medicine with Baclofen for me to take at night, and then I also have Albuterol and Advair for asthma.....that's all.

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Boy! I've had 26 surgeries. I have 3 diff. Painful illnesses and u r on way more than u should be. You will never find a doctor in phoenix who will prescribe all that, get over it. Go thru the withdrawals like I and others have and find a better life!

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Dr. Bernstein on 27th dr. In phoenix, called Sonoran pain center. It's a helpful real clinic that does work with meds for pain

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To JJ - What is the doctors name at Mesa Medical. The phone number you gave is no longer a working number. Help!!!!

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Is methadone how they handle pain management here in az? This state is seriously screwed up with its prescribing laws and tendencies, doctors don’t even know how to properly prescribe a medication then they just take you off. But nobody should be given methadone for pain management, liquid handcuffs, gonna go through the same it not worse w/d’s off that then a pain pill.

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Hello my name is Andrew. Are you a pain management doctor? If so are you accepting new patients? I currently take oxycodone 6-20 mg a day and am struggling and my current doctor just moved into a new office and they want to completely change my script amongst other things. I know this is an old posting but hopefully you'll see this. Thank you for your time.

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Re: julie (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, my name is Andrew. Your husbands situation sounds exactly like mine. I doubt you'll see this but does your husband still see him? Could he refer me to his doctor?

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Dang buddy, I wish you luck trying to come off methadone if you ever do... Coming off methadone is worse than coming off heroin. Methadone sinks into your bones and ugh thinking about you coming off it makes me feel nauseous.

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Thx you Julie for your helpful comments abt a methadone pain treating doc in Chandler. However, I just now noticed they were written back in June 2015; and now it is May 2021. Does anyone know if the Dr. Fedoriw is still in practice?

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Advanced pain management in Chandler is good. Leslie is awesome NP. You have to do shots, she gets my MRI every 2 years. There is people on methadone but the have cancer.

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Re: julie (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I just saw this post. I feel like there might be hope for me. My Dr of 20yrs retired n this pain clinic dropped me from 60mg long lasting twice a day to 30mg short acting. My life has gone down hill fast!!! I have a plate from c4 to c7 herniated discs down my spine are now sitting on my nerves, as well as arthritis down my spine!!I have diverticolise, gallbladder must come out and was diagnoised in 1994. First disc surgery was in 94 in colorado. They suggest i move to Az as i also have one of the worst cases the Neuro surgeon have even diagonsed. Thank you, thank you for posting this. I can only hope, n pray that in the year of 2018 he is still in practice!! Thank again for giving me hope!!

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Sadly with my experience with methadone is you have to go to a methadone clinic. Some pain management clinics will give you want 24 hour time release the methadone pill. A lot of people like the time release medication because it puts out as needed in your body daily and works better than taking a dose of methadone and having to take some more. I’m sure there are shying away from giving the liquid methadone when they can give you a prescription at a pain management center for time released medications which they seem to be using more of. It helps control your pain better as it releases every hour the needed amount of medication you need. If you’re lucky enough to find a clinic with a good doctor like mine that will listen to you and if you medication is not strong enough they will of it a little bit at a time. But with methadone as any other controlled substance is very addictive, hence the FDA coming in and put in more restrictions on prescribing a controlled substance. I’m sure this is state wide now that you have to wait 48 hours for a prior authorize Asian on your controlled substances unless you are a Medicare Medicaid patient you can get yours that day. The government and big Pharma is making it harder for us to get our needed medication which is terrible. We have these conditions we can’t help it they have cures for a lot of these but how are they going to make money if they cure us. So that would be my suggestion to you is just keep looking for a pain management clinic or in your case possibly a methadone clinic but those are known to taper you back which is good because methadone is so addictive. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

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Hi arrkaybe, I'm also looking for a methadone doctor in Phx area for pain. Have you had any luck in finding one? I have fibro & wide spread arthritis. I was prescribed methadone for 7 yrs & when transferred to pain clinic I was forced to transition to Oxycontin & oxycodone. I've not been the same since...daily rollercoaster of on/off again pain and increasing tolerance where it's not as effective. Current provider is now cutting me back & it's been extremely hard. Methadone allowed me to have steady control over pain plus able to stay at one dose over 7 tolerance buildup.

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Hey Jenni did you ever find a doc? I know its been a while but I was just in the same boat as you were and would like any info youve got! thanks!

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