Doctors Who Prescribe Adderall In Ohio


I have been on Adderall several years. I moved from IND to Lima Ohio and have not had much luck finding it.

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I'm sorry, but how have you been looking for it?

If you're calling doctors and asking if they'll prescribe it, you could be creating your own problem. Most doctors and their staff are taught to view that as drug seeking behavior.

You need to set up an appointment with a new doctor first, then just make sure that they receive a full copy of your current medical records, including your current prescription history.

Learn more Adderall details here.

Once you get in the door for an appointment, then you can discuss the prescription you need.

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I am an adult female (age 69) who has ADD. I've been treated with Adderall/Dex for 20 yrs. until my Dr retired, another died, and 2 REFUSED TO write any rx's. I am in Columbus, Ohio. My family doc has been treating for 3 years, now she retired. New doc wants me to see a neurologist for mov't disorders! I need a doc FAST!

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