Doctors That Prescribe Oxycodone In Tucson Arizona


I'm 55 and have chronic back and neck pain. I'm also worn out dealing with these state/gov doctors who feel they have to re-invent the wheel where my pain relief is concerned. I have had all MRI'S/diagnostics when I saw a pain management Doctor for over 12 years. However this was back when I was a real person w/ private insurance. Now I'm old broken and unemployed living at the states mercy. I think ANY kind of drug panel, especially one to see a Doctor is UNCONSTITUTIONAL BULLS***...If anyone knows of a Doc that's not tied up w/ this "OH MY GOD, NOT PAIN MEDICATION" attitude please let me know. It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED BY ME & SOME OTHER OLDER FOLKS THAT R HURTIN LIKE A B****...THANKS

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If you are willing to drive to Chandler on a monthly basis Dr. Halloum is very decent. He treats my chronic pain. You need evidence (MRI reports, etc) but if you have that he doesn't require a contract or drug panel.

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Was wondering if you took care of your doctor problems?I am also your age moved to AZ to help my father and also in need of a doctor.How sad i am scared to go because of all the stigma of real pain.Was wondering if that doctor in Chandler is taking new patients.And even if a new doctor want to not prescribe a pain medicine i just do not want to go through withdrawals at my age.When i have done everything by the book for 3 years.Perfect patient..Just saying Have a great day everyone...

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Hi my fellow chronic pain patients I'm in desperate need of new pain dr mine closed down in arizona will travel to phx or flagstaff I'm having trouble finding new dr to prescribe my 30 mg oxycodone meds which I've been taking going on ten years I really need help I have a week and half to find dr please any help would be much appreciated Ive been looking for a couple weeks no luck I wouldn't be as worried for running out but I have grandkids to take care of not to mention it's the holidays now please please any help thanks in advance

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Does anyone know any doctors in Tucson Arizona willing to accept new patients that will prescribe Oxycodone 15mg pills without looking at you like you are a drug addict I am in real pain and have epilepsy so when I withdrawal I withdrawal with seizures I do need a doctor ASAP if anyone can please help

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