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Dear sir,

I am 34 yrs male -72 kg & have been suffering from arthritis disease for the last 12 yrs. Now i am taking indocap sr 75 mg & sazo 1000 mg, ultracet, cyra -d tabs are twice daily. After taking this medicine 15 to 20 days no result found. Again i consulted the doctor and he told me to take defza 30 mg per day for one month. But I'm afraid to take 30 mg per day. If any side effect could occur, kindly advise me if 30mg per day is ok or not for me. Except steroid, but any other good medicine that can be prescribed to me for curing this disease early. Any other medicine to continue life without this disease.

yours truly
B.D.Swain --{edited for privacy}

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Dear B.D.Swain

The prescription that you have mentioned here, is exactly the same as my Mom takes.
I wanted to know whether if this medication is helping you out.

I have started Ayurvedic Medication for Mom and it is greatly helping her. She has stopped taking Sazo, Ultracet.

Let me know how your medication is helping you, and is it okay to take these allopathy medicines for long time?

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I am prescribed and taking Deflazacort 6mg, 1 to 2 daily since 10 months, for the ILD. How long I could take this medicine and what are its possible side effects?

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