Dark Blue Capsule With White Powder Inside, No Marking


I found a blister pack of 4, all dark blue capsules, with white powder inside. The only marking is on the blister packet of a LOT Number. No markings at all on the capsules. They were in my boyfriends coat jacket, he is 38. He said they were for back problem, but I know they cant be as they are unmarked and I pick up his prescriptions for his back problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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Without any markings, it is going to be impossible for us to positively identify these.

They meet the description of many over the counter items, as well as some foreign and illicit drugs.

I am sorry, I really wish we could be of more help.

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Thank you for responding. Really I knew there couldn't be a magic answer, so I will have to try to accept what he said they were. It helped though that they could also be over the counter, rather than just illicit. It is hard to swallow when finding unknown drugs of a loved one, but all I can do is try to respect that he was being truthful or its simply private as we all have secrets. Thank you for trying to help.

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its oxycodone 30mg instant release, its just compunded by the pharmacy into an unmarked pill, i know it sounds weird but i got some and they are legit

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The dark blue capsule is Kadian, which is a pain killer. The active ingredient in it is morphine.

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not positive but sounds like oxycodone 30mg if they are dark blue no marking.and white powder and the size of a tylenol

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Found a weird blister pack with 6 gel caps. They are about 3/4 of an inch long and oval shaped. They have a weird notch like a cutoff point on one end. The liquid inside is a very dark green almost black. There are no imprints on capsule and the only thing on the blister pack is a lot number. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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There was no markings, but when I opened it up the white powder had a blue init

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Drug store viagra. I have the exact same thinh u described, but i got it for my husband, hope this kinda helps? You cant be sure

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