Cyclopam Suspension Syrup


For me and my child Cyclopam is a life saver. My son suffered severe nausea and vomiting; couldn't retain any liquids or solids. We took him to the doctor who prescribed Cyclopam Syrup. 5ML three times - BAM!!! He recovered the next day back to normal. I have not seen any side effects. I tried it on myself and it worked. Well, certain drugs are meant to be taken with precaution with expectations of side effects. There is no medication without having any side effects. Doctor recommends it because it is needed to your medication condition. If you think too much about the side effects, refrain from taking any medications. Try yoga, breathing, Ayurveda medicines but you would not get immediate benefits!!!

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Hi ConTx,

Glad to hear you found something that works for you and your child. It's probably very comforting to know that your child can take this medication without necessarily experiencing the brunt of its effects as well.

I do have to say though, that what works for some people may not work the same for everyone else. Often times, I find things like yoga, breathing, and other alternative medicine to have a very profound effect as a "preventative measure" against various ailments. But when it comes down to something that you already have, it sure helps to have a more rapid sense of relief to help take the edge off initially.

Hopefully you can eventually treat the underlying cause and be medication free. Until then I wish you all the best and definitely encourage you to post back with more positive feedback down the road! :)

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My 2 year old daughter is having ear lain. At present she is taking alocet cetrizine syrup. Can any one prescribe medication

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I have a cylopam suspension syrup mfg date2013 2015 but was kept at room teprture since 2013 can i give to my child suffering from vomiting

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Have cyclopam suspension manufactured in feb 2013 but it expiry date is not clear on stcker on it. Plz help

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Is cyclopam syrup and suspension the same or different?

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My child is 4.5 years old. His weight is 13.5 kg. Doctor suggested cyclopam 5 ml thrice a day. But by mistaken he consume 40 ml at a time. What can I do? I am worried about him.please reply

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