Contraceptive Pills. Age Minimum? Effective? Trust Pill Ethinyl Estradiol Levonorgestrel


Can trust pil be allowed for 16 yrs old? i live in philippines. Trust pill

(Ethinyl estradiol levonorgestrel)

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Better na magpacheck ka po muna with a Gynecologist first, you're young and kung magstart ka mag take ng pills pwede magkaroon ng effects na growth mo.

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badly need your advices and comments po :( please do help me. please po :(

I'm 18 years old po. This Nov. 4, 2014 nag intercourse kami ni bf (12:30 pm) and NILABASAN PO SYA AT NASIRA UNG CONDOM. so I took Sophia Oral Contraceptive Pills on that same day Nov. 4 (3:45pm). THAT WAS MY "FIRST TIME" TO TAKE PILLS po. My ovulation is today - Nov. 6, 2014, and I am still taking Sophia Pills (my 3rd pill today) and planning to continue hanggang maubos ko ung 21 pills ko. TANONG KO LANG PO : is there any chances po ba na mabuntis ako ? or Hindi po, since uminom po ako ng pills "after lang" namin mag intercourse? Sophia pills po ininom ko.

Help me please Madam :(

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Im using ariane pills .un ang reseta ni ob ko. Pero Parehas lang xa ng dosage ni althea. Pero ng ggain weight ako. At plagi bloated. Gusto ko sana switch sa sophia pills ok lang ba. After ng 7 free pill ko. Un na agad ang itake. Ko? O sa 1st mens ko nlang po? Plss sagot...thanks...

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Would it be okay to switch to ariane from althea? Just finished the last althea pill and im planning to take ariane after 7 dAy free pill.. Thanks...

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How much po ba ang ariane pills sa pharmacy?

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Hi I'm joery kapapanganak ko lang last November 7 ang bby ko ngaun coming 2 months na. Nag take po ako nang ariane last December 22 kahit d pa po bumabalik ang period ko the same time nag intercourse po kami nang husband ko hindi po ako nag breastfeeding.. Pls po pakisagot I'm badly need ur advice.

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who's here is taking Ariane Pills? I will be taking Ariane Pills for the first time tonight ksi un ang ni-reseta ng OB ko; my OB said Ariane Pills is just same effect as Diane Pills. any reviews or comments about that Pill?

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300 po ang bili ko sa ob ko. yun kasi reseta sakin dahil sa hormonal imbalance ko. hahahaha. pero sa mercury nasa 320 ang ariane.

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explain me about ariane pills same on 3. my ob have give me that medicine for hormonal imbalance

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there is still chance, kasi mag aadjust pa yung katawan mo sa pills.

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try mo mag vitamin c. 6000mg /day kahit 3 days lang siguro. parang 1 vit c, per hour. for 12 hours pag 500 mg yung vit c mo.

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Oo nga anuh po bang magandang pills na gamitin sa mga 18 yrs old and above.

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ok lang po ba mgtake ng pills ang 20 yrs old ? sabi po kasi nakaka gain ung pills ng weight and help lessen painful period.
sino po dito ung kaedad ko na nkagamit o nagamit na ng pills ,?

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Hi..its my firsttym to take ariane...d po b nkakataba un?..

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ilang buwan po ba eepekto yung pills? kailan po ba pd mag enter yung Guy sayo pag gumagamit ka ng pills?

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Ask ko pweude po bang mag take ng trust pills kahit po wlang baby for safety?

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maganda ba ang sopia pill para maging maayos ang ministration kc iiregular kc mens ko

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Re: Eypicee (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Bloated and feel nauseated always and i feel more and more sick
I plan to discontinue

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19 new here..taking charlize pills that was my ob gyne give to me..its my 2nd day now..taking charlize and i notice that im having a cough..should i stop or continue using charlize? Thnks!

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