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inprint on it are 54 783

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Yes, this is generic acetaminophen with codeine #3. It has 325mg acetaminophen and 30mg. codeine. It is generic for tylenol with codeine #3. It is a scheduled 3 narcotic drug that can be highly addictive. Side effects include constipation, stomach upset, dizzines, drowsiness.

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I was partially incorrect about this identification. It does NOT have acetaminophen in it, only the codeine 30mg. Sorry about that!

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LOL! Forgot which pill you were looking at again?

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No. I think I answered too many posts that identified acetaminophen with codeine. They kept coming for two or three days in a row. Where are all of those pills coming from? Then someone posts the same exact number and description that six others have already posted before them. Do they not read before posting?

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Nope, of course they don't and you would be amazed how many people online do not pay attention to search links or search engines, so they don't realize they can look it up themselves, or check and see if it has already been Id'd. Same as with the freebies/deals on the other site I work for, always duplicate postings, even though I have made rules against it and railed against them many times. People just claim they don't know how to use a search.

Anyway, as to the pills, what until you have been doing this for awhile and you will realize that for some reason they seem to cycle. For a month or two, you might get tons of questions involving Xanax pills, Oxycodone and a few others. Then the next month, people are finding less of those, and suddenly you see them finding a ton of other stuff.

I am always wondering where on earth do all these pills come from, I mean is someone dropping them from their pockets on an airplane or while parachuting?

The weirdest time period I had was when everyone seemed to be finding all different kinds of antimalarial drugs, I mean tons of them, post all over the many drug sites online wanting to know what they were and why they would be prescribed.

Makes me wonder if the government has a huge surplus of something, and instead of flushing the old ones, they drop them like little care packages down over city and town areas, like a plane would drop supplies to stranded people or military troups. LOL!

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