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i am 52 years old and i took chicken pox vaccine 7 month before and the same night i start getting lower back pain at late night and still suffering

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My geographic location, is India New Delhi.
I took this injection at 11a.m. In One short and at late night about 4 a.m. started lower Back pain. Since than I am feeling this pain while long time standing, sitting, working, In MRI test nothing abnormal found. i am vegetarian and i thing i have taken this injection before some where at the age of 17 years.

I am taking medicine; Paracetamol or INTAGESIC- MR ,Tablets, when feeling more pain and continue keeping Waist belt Tied in day time.

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My daughter is 16 and got a chicken pox vaccine booster on 7/17/09 for a routine physical and started having backpain about 1 week later..She has had X-rays and MRI which come out negative. She can no longer play Soccer at all as running makes the pain worst

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