Can You Tell Me If Thier Are Any Medi Pass Doctors In Indian River County Florida Who Will Prescribe 30mg Oxycodone


my primary moved to the west coast of florida and my pharmacy will not fill it because he is in another county. they say it is up to the pharmacist wheter they will fill it or not! i have been a customer of theirs for over 4 years and this is how i am treated. they will his other scripts but not these unless they are from indian river county. if anyone knows of a doctor who accepts medi pass and will write this script please let me know!!!

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so what happened to the advertisments of the pharmacies that say, we will fill your rx no matter where you are. my parents used to be snow birds, in a better economy, and they had wallgreen's that filled my mothers multiple rx's from pa in fl. so not filling your rx because the dr is in a different county I find discriminating. where I live is a bit rural and most of my dr's are in a neighboring county and I fill my rx's at my local rite aid. I am sorry for your problems I hope you can find a satisfying result.

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I'm sorry to argue but either you or your parents are mistakenly remembering. The DEA does NOT allow Category II narcotics to be filled in another state. I BELIEVE that C3, 4, and 5 ARE able to be filled (I am positive Category 4's are). But now even Lortab 2.5 (the weakest hydrocodone made, sometimes given to children) is a C2 so refills, telephone call-in's and out-of-state fills are prohibited. Maybe 30 years ago there was a loophole but it has LONG been closed. Most likely your parents were taking a C3 drug (Lortab/Vicodin/etc.). Unless their Dr was licensed in both states, that is. The govt regulates C2 drugs themselves.

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Your information is wrong. There is NO federal law that forbids filling your c2 prescription in another stat .

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4,actually YOU ARE WRONG, for just about 40 years now it has been ILLEGAL for a pharmacy to fill ANY out of STATE prescription for schedule 2 medications!!! You ignorant ASSHAT! LOL!!!!

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YES YOU CAN fill in SOME other states. I live in northwest florida and I was written scripts by a doctor in Tampa beginning September 2015 thru August 2016. I filled every one of them every single month at multiple Alabama pharmacies as far north as Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was even much easier to do in Alabama because they didnt put me on trial tge very moment they read the methadone and roxycodone dosage instructions. In Florida pharmacies are quick to use the "its under the filling pharmacists descretion" clause. In Alabama, the only obstacle is finding a pharmacy that has (in stock) all amounts to be dispensed for both the methadone and roxycodone. FACT

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You're wrong, plain and simple! Less than a month ago I filled a script for MS Contin ER 30mg (morphine) at a major chain pharmacy in AL with a script that was written in FL. I didn't have the money to fill my script at my FL pharmacy before I left to go on a month long vacation and I needed my meds when I ran out while in AL. I had absolutely no problem filling it! The only thing they had to do was call my doctor to confirm the validity of the prescription. That was done in under 2 mins. They even took a prescription discount card that saved me almost $60. They're a major chain pharmacy that has stores across the entire US so I highly doubt they'd be breaking the law just to make a few bucks. If it was some little Mom and Pop pharmacy *maaaybe*, but the big chains follow the law explicitly. If several people are here telling you that they've done this and you're wrong why can you not accept that??

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Needing help finding s dr in Iowa . We have moved and are in need of a pain dr that is not afraid to write a r x. Have all the records

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