Can You Get A Pres. For Both Oxycodone And Dilaudid In One Month?


can a pain mgmt doctor write both dilaudid and oxycodone in one month; i have a real serious issue with my doc who has never given a suggestion or helped me change my meds around a bit every six months to a year to avoid tolerance to one; i find out he USED TO BE a pill mill doctor, and really doesnt give a crap, but he does follow the law a bit more.

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All drs have to follow the law closely now. You can receive a prescription for dilaudid and oxycodone in one month. But, it does depend on how you're suppose to take them. If you have concerns about this dr, you need to change.

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thanks; the thing was he changed me to dilaudid from oxy; i got really sick from it the first week, and went back to the office (charged me again) to get the partial for the oxy for 3 weeks, and he said HELL NO!! who told you that; then he said i have to DESTROY THE DILAUDID and never gave me the oxy; just more morphine sul.

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doctor took my oxycodone after 3 years then gave me dilaudid; told him i was having some side effects and then he took those too, saying i had to destroy them if they werent work; without me being to say anything while i was in the middle of a panic attack from oxy withdrawal; can he make me destroy my own script??

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sorry, double posted the question; dont know how to delete one?? help...

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@Imr russian,

Your Dr. may advise you to destroy your script, but he's certainly not going to go into your home and search for them if you have it put away somewhere. The only thing would be if he wants to dispose of them himself, but I imagine it would be easy to be dishonest about it if you decided that you truly needed them in the long run for your pain.

Apparently many medications can last up to 10-15 years after the expiration date, if kept under proper storage conditions. With meds like this being hard to come across, why not keep it for a later date when you might really need it? After all, you paid for it and not the doctor. So he doesn't have to worry about losing hard earned money.

Oh and about double posting, you can't take it down yourself... but if the administrator finds the posts to be identical/word for word (which they aren't) they would probably take it down themselves anyways.

I hope this helps!

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