Calcibloc Od Tablet For High Blood



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what is calcibloc?

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a calcibloc is the branded name for nifedipine and it is a medicine for high blood and it is a calcium blocker....not all the people can take it easily cause the patient need to ask a prescription to the doctor cause high blood is not a easy illness like thats it don't take it for granted cause this might be the cause of one's death...

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Can i take 1 calcibloc,my bp is 150/100,so can i take medicene with out permission by a doctor

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I only asking about the replacement of calcibloc because is out of the market.thanks

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You may try C24/7 from Natures Way, USA. This is a food supplement, all natural and organic thats why its safe and effective for the body since our body is natural too. We've been taking the product for almost a year now as replacement for the prescribed med esp my grandfather.

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My wife BP is 130/80 but in the evening climb up 162/90. Her maintenance are fol:
For HBP:
Telmisartan 40 Mg, Simbastitan 40 Mg, Isosorbide, Clopidogrel 75 Mg
For Diabetis Type 2: Insulin Lantus 20 Unit, Glipizide 5Mg Quest: Can I use Calcibloc 30 Mg to lower her BP?
Tnx very much!

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