Big White Round Pill R Score P On Bottom 30 Other Side


Was given to me at pharmacy...But I can't find them any where.

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Hi Shonta,

There is a white round tablet imprinted with R P 30, that's identified as a 30mg Oxycodone hydrochloride pill. However I haven't seen an actual photograph and can only base this off of a description from Rhodes Pharmaceuticals (hence the R P).

That said, these descriptions are somewhat vague and do not mention whether or not there is a score line. Although from what I'm finding, no other pill description matches yours as closely as this one does. So I'd be willing to bet that Oxycodone is what it is.

On another note, Doesn't a legitimate pharmacy put labels on their Rx containers? Something also sounds weird about them filling a prescription for just 1 pill?

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I take OXYCODONE 30mg, alwaya been small blue , today pharmacy had different pill it was a large white pill with R on top and P on bottom and other side says 30, it has a scorch in middle, is this same medicine and if so why are they changing it?

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supply and demand is what it is and from what I am finding they are better than little blues re: qualitest or malencroft

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Same thing here TODAY 12/22/15

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By the way, I didn't see anyone mention that the round white r n 30 is immediate release oxycodone as opposed to delayed release oxycodone like oxycontin.

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