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Has anyone taken bethanechol 25 mg. 2 x a day.for bladder spasms ,how long did you have to take bethanechol before it worked.did it cause leg cramps, lower back pain and swelling?

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Hi Mitzi,

I went ahead and looked up the possible side effects of bethanechol on several different webpages, however I found it odd that none of them listed any of those symptoms in particular.

If you have been taking bethanechol and noticed anything unusual or bothersome like that I would strongly encourage you to contact your doctor about it as soon as possible to determine whether the symptoms are in fact related to bethanechol.

Your doctor may recommend trying a different medication altogether if the symptoms don't improve on their own.

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Thank you for your reply. I have Systemic Lupus so on other meds. As well trying to leave off meds one at time to see which are causing what effect.beening dealing with lupus since's always attacking a different orngan right now bladder.see Rh. Dr. wed.. Searching for others input. Thank you for your help

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Sorry to hear about your condition with Lupus. What other meds have you been taking if you don't mind me asking? Just wondering whether those side effects you mentioned could potentially be related to something else. But I think what you're doing by process of elimination is a great way to determine how each medication is affecting you. Hopefully in time you'll be able to narrow it down. I wish you all the best!

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