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looking for name of a regular asthma inhaler besides symbacort that does not have sulfate in it. I am allergic to sulfate. I use a rescue inhaler but I cannot use it all the time and my doctor doesn't know that much about asthma inhalers and sulfate its a low income doctors office. So again any suggestions. No sulfate. Thanks

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Hello, Theresa! How are you? Sorry about the problem you're having.

However, I need to ask what exactly it is that you're allergic to?

Is it sulfa drugs, sulfates or sulfites? What type of reaction do you have and how did you discover the allergy?

These are all important details to determine what may or may not be safe for you to use.

Do you see an allergist?

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I'm allergic to all sulfas per my primary physician and the diagnostics they ran. I break out in a rash get welts and have gone as far as getting blood clots. And if I inhale it my throat closes up. I have to use sulfate free lotions shampoos you name it I have to read the label! I do not have health insurance and see doctors that go by your income and right now the asthma specialist doesn't participate in the program and my primary physician isn't a specialist on all the different asthma inhalers and when I had insurance symibicort and xphonex (my rescue inhaler) is what the asthma specialists had me on. Sorry bad speller this morning. I would hate to think I would have to depend on my nebalizer there has got to be another inhaler out there. I have asthma real bad that being around second hand smoke puts me in an attack or perfume or air fresher if my nose doesn't like it watch out LOL. Any help would be great. I hope I answered all your questions.
Thanks again

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I am angelic to sulfate and I am look in for inhaler so can tell my doctor so she get it for me

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Hi Theresa! I'm in the same boat as you. It's not just sulfa drugs or sulfites. It anything with any form of sulfur including sulphates. I discovered I was allergic to Demerol when they gave me an injection after surgery. Immediately I had huge (bigger than a silver dollar) welts going up my arm. Turns out Demerol is Demerol sulphate! I check everything to see if there is sulphate, even bread! I came across your post as I too. Looking for an inhaler without sulphate. Were you able to find anything?

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I also have suphur allergies. Discovered when I had treatment for bladder infection years ago. I cant drink wine with sulfites, juices with preservatives or dried fuit with sulpur dioxide. I also have some food allergies. I was on Seritide Accuhaler 50/250 for about 5 years and responded well. The UK doctor will not prescrive same inhaler and changed it for Fostair 100/6 and 200/6. I have had a permanent sore hoarse throat which feels like it will close up. thrush in the mouth. The shakes and more recently indigestion and cramp in my feet and hands! I have been miserable for months. The cough has stopped. But my throat and voice is not the same. I have not used the sabutol sulfate reliever for 4 weeks as I am wary of it.

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The good inhalers were taken off the market (in USA) because they damage the ozone layer. You need to check the propellant that they use. The most common being sulfuric acid, then ethanol, and my favorite is tetrafluoroethane.

They have put Proventil back on the market. From what I have read you would probably like HFA inhalers.

I used to take slo-bid but I doubt you can get that anymore.

For a rescue inhaler I would recommend Proventil then Ventolin. I have never used a inhaler that contains hydrofluoroalkane.

Aside from albuterol, there is ephedrine (which is illegal in USA).

The best option might be inositol via the transducer asthma machine. I believe that adding sulfur to balance the pH is probably not a good idea.

I hope you are not raggin' on me about benzedrine :)

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