Are Side Effects Of Apetito Cyproheptadine Tablets Permanent


Are the side effects of apetito cypoheptadine tablets tablets permanent, because my best friend used them and one hip is bigger than the other?

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Hello, Lynett! How are you?

Your friend should consult their doctor. Side effects shouldn't be permanent, but only a doctor can determine if it's solely due to their taking the medication.

Learn more Cyproheptadine details here.

Was she taking it by prescription from her doctor?

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Hi, Lynette it is not possible that yr friend's hip was bigger than the other bcoz of Appettito. It is very likely that yr friend was like that even before; the figure become more visiable after gaining weight due to Appetito. The tablet is only well known for gaining weight due to stimulating appetite and has no side effect that has to do with disfiguring.

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I dont want to gain weight. I just want hips. Is the apetito good for me?

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Does apettitos damage the kidney?

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I took appetito and I felt sleepy and dizzy. Is this how it works?

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Is it really true that I can have hips and bums after these tablets?

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Hi. I purchased apetito pills, but I'm a bit skeptical to use them. I don't want to gain weight on my bum, hips & especially on my tummy. I only need my breasts to get big! Will this help for breast enlargement or not?

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Wat the effect of aptito if u take it every night?

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can this pills...affect ur discharge to be thicker

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