Alprazolam Dava Xanax Green


Which pharmacies carry them in denver ?

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Why not pick up your phone and ask? I enjoy the Dava bars

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Try Medicine shop, I just called them her in Ohio, and that is who they contract with.

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I took 10 S 90 3 Dava bars, 5 at a time about 2 hours apart and they do NOTHING. Very disappointed in the quality. Junk pills like a placebo!

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S902 suck #%! being judged by strength and longivdy of the acting benzo. An American company called DAVA makes these. They are horible nothing like ANY of the blue kinds. Good luck you all truely in need.

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I've been taking Bard since 97 and I thought the same thing until today about the Dava bars. I took one and another one 30 minutes later and I am feeling great. They're fresh from CVS the ones you got were probably on the shelf for a long time they just ordered these in last month I had green stone and I told them to order greenstone from now on cuz I do prefer the for cuts instead of 3 scores but as far as quality goes right now I'm very happy and I'm 3 hours in and I'm feeling great just as good I'm amazed because some review them nicely some not my feeling is if they're fresh they're good at least this patches in 2017 so far we'll have to wait until the end of the month I know I'm getting green stone next month I already talked to the pharmacist

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and I'm surprised I like these green Dava bars because I hated the 1mg dava but those were from a different Pharmacy so they could have been but those were from a different pharmacy so they could have been sitting on the shelf I know these were ordered and recently but they're still going to order greenstone for me next month but I feel great

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I like the dava generic. Its quality surpasses all the other generics.

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Dang man I live in Michigan. I love dava too. I love greenstone too its made by pfizer which makes brand name xanax and generic greenstone. Xanax is 10% over 100 and greenstone is between 98 and 100% but they are harder to find everyone wants them I was getting 0.5 mgs 4x daily so I was getting dava from cvs. Then I switched to walgreens and got actavis for a while they are good too. I went back to cvs thinking I'd get 1 mg dava and ended up with gg 258 sandoz. I was just in a psychiatric center and they order their pills from a pharmacy that delivers them. They opened it up and they were dava s 903 2mg bars cut in half so I got a bar a day. They sent me home with the bars that were left over mmmmmmmm lol

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so true somethings not right at all with the dava company, alprazolam/xanax bars, iv been on them for years never had a problem til i went to new doctor and in order to see that doctor i have to use there pharmacy which is weird from the start, but i have no choice but im not going to talk to the doctor because theres not the right medication or no medication in these alprazolams.

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