Af Plus Enhanced Weight Loss And Energy-haven't Received The Sample


I ordered it and also called the company, but I haven't seen the package yet, all tho it has been sometime now. I wasn't able to speak with Customer Service on the matter, as this could of been solved a lot quicker. So, with that saying.... Can you tell me where my package is at this time? I have been waiting and anxious to give it a try.

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Hello, Tj! How are you?

And I'm sorry, but no, there is no one here who can tell you anything about your package from them. This website provides information on prescription drugs, it does not sell any products, of any type!

That said, I would suggest that you actually call the company that you did order from, again, to ask them for assistance.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Hello TJ My name is Latoya I received mines in 4 days Monday and I order on Wednesday. Also the double charge my credit card. it suppose to been 9.95 for quick delivery. I was charge $17.90 twice. so I a waiting to talk to some one today. And also my credit card people.

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TJ..were you able to get this resolved? I ordered this product back in January and still have not got it, and I have been charged the $79.90 for another shipment for this month and still have not received the product.

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does anyone have AF Plus customer service number

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You have a number to reach them at?

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Does anyone have the number to AG plus customer service? We ordered ours awhile ago and still have not received it. Also we already have been charged

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Hi there I received my package and I have a number for them it is, 1-800-665-7651 That's the number that came on my package.

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