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I heard about this product on the radio for a free trial, so before I called I decided to look into it a little more. I have found some complaints about them charging almost $80 to a lot of people after thet got the free trial they canceled the "membership" yoyu are automaticly added to is this normal? Can you get your money back if this happens? And is it safe to give them all my info?

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Auto-enrollment and automatic billing are tactics used by many companies, purely as a way to make money off of consumers. Statistics prove that most people won't make the effort to cancel, before being billed and a fairly large percentage that wanted to cancel will not return the auto-shipped product and pursue a refund. As consumers, most of us are just lazy.

Additionally, this product hasn't actually been proven to help with weight loss or anything else.

And, as to your other questions about the refund and giving them your information, I cannot vouch for the company, I know nothing about them.

Has anyone else actually had dealings with them?

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I cancelled and they still charged my credit card. I tried calling the number on my statement and it is not a working number. Does anyone have the telephone number for cancelations?

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This is the number for AF Plus: 1-800-605-1231

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I have the Customer Service Department number and it is 1-800-665-7651 Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm est.

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well i see that after my cancellation they still charged me and told me it was for the 1st 2 bottles that was to be free, I was furious and asked for a supervior. when called back in they wanted me to resend it back and they would credit me the full amount. got supervisor fnally and got 100% back

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Do you still have the number that you had contacted?

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I ordered AF Plus even after reading reviews because I know a product that doesn't work for one person might just work for another. I received two bottles of AF Plus. I took it for about 15 days, and after no weight loss I stopped. I don't consider my diet as unhealthy either. While ordering they offered a subscription to a coupon book basically it cost about five to seven dollars, but it came with an $80 gift card to either Walmart or Target. I never received the gift card or coupon book. I also paid extra for faster shipping. They say that if you don't it could take up to two to three weeks to get the product. It was suppose to come within five to seven days, but it arrived on either the ninth to tenth. I blew it off because I figured two to three days of processing. I would have been happy even if I only lost a few pounds, but I lost nothing. I am now having to cancel the CC I used to order because I can't get through to customer service at this time. Can't this company get sued for false advertising? I know it'd be silly because if you look this product up there is nothing but red flags. I don 't know. They don't even list a complete list of ingredients used. I don't recommend this product until more is known about it.

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I'm trying to get pregnant but need to lose a few pounds to help. If I dont know if im pregnant or not, if I take these will they hurt me or possible a baby if I dont know if I were pregnant yet??

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really wished I had read this before I purchased... now I'll be trying customer service for cancellation tomorrow...

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Yes this worked for me. Lost 45 lbs in 7 months. Went from 300 to 254.

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Did you do anything else special while taking the pill?

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I don't think you should take them because yes you are putting yourself and unborn if peegnant at risk ask your doxt before taking anything i recommend and by the way I've been taking Af plus for off and on for two months and I've lost 12 pounds so if I'm more persistent I'll lose more

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These people suck and im so furious thats my money and they will give it back never ever dealing with this crap again. They did the same thing to me as eveyone else.charged me trial amount in $7 something and now I hav a $79.90 Charge from them callin monday morning to have them put my money back and they can have their non working pills that looks like all the other crap that dont work back.

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When I was told about the automatic renewal, I refuse to let them. I have reordered 3 times and was never charged more than I expected. You just tell them no automatic renewal.

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Well I guess everybody is different because I lost weight and I received my pills in a good amount of time.. Only problem now is I want more pills but I'm scared they gonna scam me, because of these reviews

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Do you the number? I took af plus about 3 years ago and it was amazing! I had so much energy and lost quite a few pounds...I need it in my life again!

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Please I want afplus. It works for me

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my name is Alexis. A long time ago I purchased the diet pills called AF Plus. They worked very well I was so impressed. Well it's been awhile and I'm 28 years old and I think I seemed to have put on some extra weight.

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