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I've got some apparent blue Zopiclone 7.5 mg tabs with no markings whatsoever and supposedly made by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India. Also says Zopisign on blister pack. I know that there are ones called Zopishine but mine defo say Zopisign. They do have the nasty metallic taste though but I'm guessing that could be easily replicated by forgeries. Anyone had the same tabs? Peace

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These are the better ones they are smaller and have zopiclone taste

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Zopishine are fine. 10mg are better but have to fill prescription online

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I have been taking these since there has been a shortage of Zopiclone 7.5 and 3.5. I done a little research as I am also on painkillers. They are very good and I have been sleeping well. These are small white pills no markings. The also come as blue tablets no markings. There is that familiar metallic taste as mentioned. In this case where it is unavailable you do what you have to and outsource. I’m not prepared to have my health or mental health compromised by being told one week they are in the next they are not. Unfortunately for me I am a long time user of Zopiclone 7.5mg so going without cause problems live severe insomnia and ultimately stress. I have Fibromyalgia.

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My Zopisign 10mg tablet says it was produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals. They’re white and oval and have the letters "E L" on one side and are blank on the other side. Has anyone else taken these before?

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Hi. I am on Tramadol 50mg and take 6 tablets daily. There was a shortage of Tramadol this year (2023) and all strengths. This is why many sought out other solutions to obtain Tramadol. Zopisign is a blue tablet (7.5 mg). This had a metallic taste, same as Tramadol and that’s down to manufacturing. Always has been. I have taken Tramadol since having a serious accident about 15 years ago. I do consider that I am addicted to them now. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and ME on top of all this and take it for pain relief for that. My feet, well I broke multiple bones and spent over a year getting myself to walk again. Without the Tramadol I don’t think I could have done it. I still have a lot of pain but I am considering alternatives. If you are worried about taking tramadol you should talk to a gp if you can get hold of one.

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I've got a blister pack of 10 "Zopiclone" pills. Manufactured by Hab. They are called Zopisign 7.5mg. They are white, with no markings & much smaller than my usual Zop pills. Has anyone had them and are they a good brand? Thank you.

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I have tried them. Have you? I didn't feel much.

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Hello. Has anyone tried Zopisign (zopiclone) and are they okay? It's a white 10mg tablet.

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Hulk what are better ones? mine are little oval shaped white ones with an e and L on them I've never tried them b4 but I'm used to 2 Martin Dows a night so would 2 X 10mg of these be OK too take just b4 bed?.. Any advice would be very helpful.... Thnks

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I too purchased these and I've never tried them before. Is it safe to take 2 at the same time or just one? Please advise. They're from HAB..... Ta much.

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Yes, I've received them twice. Can’t match them on a pill identifier, but they definitely worked for me. Not much gets me to sleep these days.

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So they are good too get you to sleep quickly??? Is 2 OK?...tia

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