Zopiclone 7.5mg Blue Without Markings


I got zopiclone 7.5mg. They are packaged in strips stating zop 7.5mg. The tabs are round, blue, scored on one side, with no markings. They do work, but i'm a bit concerned as to whether or not they are safe. Can anyone enlighten me on this one?

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If they are Hab pharmaceutical ones from India they are the weakest of any zopiclone and believe me ive tried well over 15 brands! The confusing thing is when you look at their website the tablets are rugby shaped not round an saucer-like? I have a feeling they are not legitimate!!!!

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I brought zopiclone 7,5mg the blue round from India, are these safe and can I cut them down

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Hab zopiclone are fine... Not rugby shaped at all. Mine are round, blue and have a groove on one side.

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I got the same there from india, I been taking them, because I needed sleep, they do work

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They taste foul though.. make sure you take them with water or some sort of liquid to counteract it.

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Re: Blue (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. I've been on zopiclone for 22 years. I've only ever had white ones. I'm from England. I'm a bit worried cos my son got hold of some round blue ones, saying 7.5mgs. I'm just letting you know that the oval shaped ones are the best, so can you reassure me that the mid blue ones are ok?

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I have these HAB Pharmaceuticals 'Zop' tablets. They are small, round and sky-blue colour, with a score down the middle on one side.

They look extremely authentic, in their blister packs of ten, alleging that they contain 'Zopiclone 7.5mg BP'.

But I think there is a BIG clue to either their lack of purity or that they are simply bunk: the price, in Rupees.

Unfortunately, here in the UK anyway, these now seem to be the only version of (alleged) Zopiclone that pharmacies are dispensing, whereas before, Bristol Laboratories and sometimes Mylan, Actavis, and Sanofi were quite common - all of which are obviously fine.

Zolpidem seems to have become rare to acquire in the UK from any pharmacy.

But, again, I have encountered one Indian brand - called 'Zoltrate 10' - which I cannot even find any information on anywhere on the internet and which I simply do not believe contains anything like Zolpidem.

Any thoughts, especially from other UK residents?

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Responding to my own previous post, as well as others, I did an experiment when I felt-tired (though not sleepy) after dark on New Years Eve.

I took these blue Zop tablets, with a score across the middle on one side, & relaxed in a quiet, low-lit environment.

They made no difference whatsoever.

These tablets, while they look authentic in their blister packs, simply cannot contain genuine 7.5mg Zopiclone.

I went to bed late, but not tired, & took the ONE nightly Zopiclone tablet prescribed by my GP, a round white one scored in the middle, (I think it's manufactured by Actavis) & fell-asleep inside half-an-hour until after dawn. So that's the difference.

It's such a shame: there must have been a clampdown because, in the UK, these so called 'Zop' tablets manufactured by India seem to be what U will get if U don't have a prescription. Does anyone ever receive other types, branded or generic?

Also, Zolpidem seems to have almost disappeared, & my last experience receiving anything that was supposed to be Zolpidem was to receive strips of something called 'Zolbebe-10', which is alleged to be 10mg of Zolpidem Titrate but is nothing of the sort.

Can others post their own experiences and what we can do about this if we want genuine medicines that work?

Thank you & Happy New Year.

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Re: Gavin (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Gavin, so are these ZOP tablets useless then? Did you take them? If so what was the outcome please?

I have some tablets and need to know if they are safe... They are made in India by HAB Pharmaceuticals....zopiclone 7.5mg...they are blue round tablets in packs of 10. I expected white pills in a pack of 14. Can you help please?

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Re: Gavin (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I have also only received the above mentioned HAB blue ones from India this time and am worried to take them. It is so worrying that these medical needs are being left for us to take into our own hands. My doctor cut me off zop with no support or management leaving me at risk. How do you get a prescription for this from doctors please? I have been on one 7.5mg for approx 5 years.

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They are safe I been taking them off and on for 3 years now with my insomnia and it's nothing changed except the obvious lack of markings and color variants - I would assume I would have had some side effects by now 3 years later

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I bought two lots of these, 2 different companies, they are FAKE. After a week I took 10 in one go - nothing, wasting your money.

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I've just received my prescription of blue zopiclone tablets and I'm worried that they're not authentic? They're from India (Hab laboratories)... I'm a bit afraid now to take them... Can anyone advise?

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I've been on blue zops for 3 years, 7 a day.

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Re: Claire (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

They're considered safe. I've took them for 3 years. They come in strips of 10.

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I have recently got some zopiclone made from zop which are also blue but have no markings on them An they taste vile,they taste like a I would imagine a paint stripper to taste like,anime had any of these,An these are also made in India,much appreciate if anyone could get bk to me cause they don’t seem to be doin what there meant to do an that’s th help you sleep thank you

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Re: Lisa (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Where can I go to do that please? I want the real brand.

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Re: Claire (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I've just been given small round ones from Bristol laboratories for the first time. I wish the pharmacy would stick to one brand. I've had 5 brands over this last year. I prefer the white oval ones because they have markings on but these don't. Hope it helps.

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I am looking for Zop Zopiclone by HabPharma without success. They are good. When I request them the pharmacies say they cannot guarantee which brands they send, and over the past few months have spent a fortune on fakes which they state are genuine. I would love to know where you are filling your prescription for Zop?

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I have some 3.75 zopiclone no markings on just light blue from Bristol laboratories says code bL 501ON THE BLISTER PACK are they real scared to take

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Re: Cmeadsy (# 113) Expand Referenced Message

Zopiclone will not come up in a drug panel because they are NOT benzos. Send them off to a lab to get them checked out like I do!!

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Re: Lee (# 64) Expand Referenced Message

From which pharmacy do you fill it?

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Re: Cmeadsy (# 113) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry to hear about your partner Zopiclone are not benzos completely different
Keep well

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Re: Silversue (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

They are genuine.

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Re: Lisa (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

They are very dangerous. My partner passed away in front of me. They are highly addictive; he couldn't stop taking them. I was 38 weeks pregnant, and all I can say is that it was the worst experience of my life. He started bleeding, and it got worse. I am heartbroken, but look them up. They are made of aluminum and rat poison. If you take a drug panel, no benzodiazepines will be detected. If you take them for a long period of time, don't just stop abruptly as it can lead to a seizure. I recommend trying to reduce your intake or discussing it with your doctor.

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Re: Lee (# 37) Expand Referenced Message

Where do I get my rx filled with this brand?

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Re: Gavin (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I took a whole strip of the hab ones. They're blue with a slit on one side and they never even touched the sides.

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Re: Dodo (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I just filled my script with bulk. Wasted loads of money, no score or 7.5mg on mine either, just on box. Over last 2 nights I took my dose and they don't work. I even bit one and nowhere near as unpleasant taste as real ones. The blue was coming off in my hands. Never again. People are suffering out there and English docs won't properly prescribe them! This company will be having bad reviews. Scared now to fill script online and prob a good thing. God knows what's in them s***!

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Re: Jimzimm (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I got round 7.5mg tablets with no marking. I'm scared in case they're not real. Any advice would be welcome.

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Re: Richo (# 99) Expand Referenced Message

I don't think you did have them tested as they're a class C drug and you would have been arrested. Stop telling untruths to scare people matey.

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