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Please advise ASAP! I have Trigeminal Neuralgia due to MS. I have been on Zonegran 100mg x 4 once a day for 9 years. The insurance company switched me to the generic about 1-1/2 years ago & my hair is coming out by the handfuls!! Has anyone else experience this when switching over to the generic = Zonisamide?? ## Hello, Alex! How are yoU? Though it's not listed as a side effect, there have been many complaints about it happening with both the name brand and the generic. Have you discussed it with your prescriber? What other medications have you tried? ## I’m on zonegran since they put me on it in hospital 4yrs ago also on oxcarbamezapine they added clobazam and perampanel when I checked oxcarbamezapine brand name had changed and zonegran had changed to zonisamide but it wa...

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I am wanting info on this medication, I just started using it today. ## just wanted some info on this medication.. my daughter has been on this for 2 months now... ## Zonegran Info Click Here ## I have been taking zonegram for 7 years with good results. My seizures have improved greatly. I take it with lamictal, I would suggest this to your doctor, I see a great epileptologist. Good luck! ## Iv'e been taking Zonegran for over a year now, for my Bipolar and have found it to be quite helpful with no side effects. ## Have been on Zonegran for seizures and being Bipolar. But, i am in a contact sport. The zonegran seems to allow or cause easy brusing. When I stopped it for a but...the bruising stopped too. My own research, but my arms were a mess. Anyone else? ## I take Zonegran, dylanti...

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