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Does anyone have feedback or reviews from personal experience taking this pain/arthritis medication?

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This drug was discontinued in 1983.

You can read more information about it at Drugs/Zomax.asp

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I was prescribed with Zomax and Flexeril together for back pain and it was one of the best weeks of my life until I had to stop taking them. I was in a constant "I don't care zone". It was great but I couldn't function. I really didn't care but I had a job so I had to come down. I don't think the cops liked me laughing at them either when stopped at stop lights (yeah, I was driving). Sorry to see it go.

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I took one Zomax pill back in early 80's for pain from a broken finger. Within minutes I started to feel strange and started to my room to lie down. Never made it, passed out and son carried to me to bed. I awoke & felt ok, but had to go to bathroom. I started to bathroom & passed out again. Son wanted to call 911, but when I awoke, I felt ok and told him no. The third time it happened, he called the ambulance. They had to give me massive dosages of Benadryl and kept me overnight. They could not get a BP reading or pulse, the whites of my eyes were like blood and son said it had even burned my lipstick off. Found out later that it had killed a lot of people. Since then, I have been unable to take any pain medications (makes me deathly sick to my stomach) and cannot take any Nsaids. The only thing I've found to take is Aleve and only take it when my pain is unbearable. I've had two ankle surgeries, rotator cuff surgery and am going to have both shoulders operated on again. Just the thought of having more surgery & therapy without pain relief is about more than I can stand to think about. I wish I knew a pain medication I could tolerate.

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