Zoloft For A Street Drug?


I've seen kids partying on zoloft because they said it gave them a "high" like xanax. Is there any narcotic part of zoloft?

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Hello, Nick! How are you?

No, it is most likely just a placebo effect, because they don't know anything about the medication and what it does.

The only active ingredient in Zoloft is Sertraline, which is an SSRI antidepressant. It can cause some dizziness and drowsiness as side effects, so if someone took a high amount of it, they might think they were getting high, but it really has none of the effects of the narcotics and other substances that are commonly abused.

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That is ridiculous...zoloft won't and can't make you feel high. Older women take it for depression.

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I used to have crazy hallucinations on Zoloft and extreme euphoria , js

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Any drug that releases serotonin or dopamine will make you feel euphoric, that's not placebo effect, that's chemicals.

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