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Is there anywhere where I can find Zilactin L? It is the ONLY thing that ever worked for cold sores. Please help? ## Hi, Virgina! How are you? I'm afraid that it seems that it's no longer available. The active ingredient in it was just the topical anesthetic Lidocaine, so you could just try asking your pharmacist to help you find something comparable. Learn more Lidocaine details here.

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Accidently put Zilactin-L in eye, Will it cause any damage. Imediately put clear-eyes, but eye is red and puple seems ok. ## I just put Zilactin-L in my eye as well. I rinsed with the contact solution I had in my purse, but came home and rinsed with water. So far it feels like my eye is just irritated (like I'm wearing a very dry contact.) I too am concerned because I wasn't able to flush for 10 minutes, I'm hoping you received a response? ## Wow, I have to say in this case, you should never pop online and post on a free website waiting for a response. If putting it in your eyes is dangerous, you could suffer serious consequences or permanent damage while awaiting a response. Please, in these types of cases, call or go to your nearest emergency department for prompt assistan...

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