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HELP!! My daughter has been on EPILIM for 6 years and gained a lot of weight on it. She went on TOPAMAX (a year now) and she's LOOSING HAIR like crazy?!?! The Dr. wants her to go on TEGRATOL but I see allot of people are complaining about both HAIR LOSS and WEIGHT GRAIN on it? I am also considering ZARONTIN. Does anyone have personal experience with this medication? ## These types of side effects are common to most anti-seizure medications and you may never find one that won't cause one or the other. Tegetrol contains the active ingredient Carbamazepine. Zarontin contains the active ingredient Ethosuximide How old is she? ## EPILIM is an old AED (anti epileptic drug). I've been on it for 37 yrs.. it definitely has a hair fall out side effect and tremoring of the hands... yes...

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