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my wife is 38 and dying of melanoma. how can i buy zadaxin in the usa - price is no object. ## Zadaxin is manufactured by SciClone Pharmaceuticals. You might try contacting them to see what stage in clinical trials they are presently in: SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 950 Tower Lane, Suite 900 Foster City, California 94404-2125 Phone: (650) 358-3456 Fax: (650) 358-3469 I hope this helps. Please post back with any other questions or details which you would like to include. ## "Our drug ZADAXIN is currently approved in 33 countries worldwide. In the US, ZADAXIN is in the last phase (phase 3) of clinical trials for the treatment of HCV non-responders, and has not yet been approved by the FDA. The United States Food and Drug Administration and the Customs Department do however have a co...

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Is Zadaxin 1.6mg help control & degree the cancer tummor in liver? Is it injection below the skin, not direct to liver neither tummor or cyst in liver? ## Zadaxin is most commonly used to treat chronic Hepatitis B, not cancerous tumors. If being used for cancer, it should be an adjunct to other treatment options, such as chemotherapy, according to FDA reports. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including administration site irritation, hand edema, and headache. Are you on any other medications, or treatments?

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My husband has a chronic hapatitis b, wherein it is widely spreading and it became 2590.7 virus counts based on his last check up... please we're being scared on his situation, can you give an idea if this zadaxin can cure him, or it can lower his virus counts?... i'm lookng forward that you will reply my msg.. thank you and more power..


zadaxin is available or not in india ? is it cure the hep B ? ## I UNDERSTAND "Heptiva", a registered herbal food supplement, is available in Malaysia to help improve hepatitis health problem. Please forward the latest blood test results for proper monitoring and recommendations by supplier. ## I heard Heptiva lowers hcv & hbv viral load without the complications of conventional protocols.

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i want to order zadaxin please e-mail me at e-mail need cost how to pay andinfo on compassionate care program ## my brother-in-law had HbsAG+, HBEAG+, and antiHBC+ for over 15yrs. he was found having liver and lung cancer last month by physical routine checkup. It is in stage 1. 10days ago, he got a surgery. he is in China, he asked me to buy this medicine for him.

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