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Does anyone have more information to share on Yodefan Liquid 600mg/15mL? ## Yodefan is a brand of Potassium Iodide. Potassium iodide is used to prepare for thyroid surgery along with antithyroid medicine; to treat high thyroid levels; to protect the thyroid in a radiation emergency. It also has been used as an expectorant which may help loosen and break up mucous. SIDE EFFECTS: Acne, loss of appetite, or stomach upset may occur the first several days as your body adjusts to the medication. If any of these effects continue or become bothersome, inform your doctor. Notify your doctor if you develop: fever, weakness, unusual tiredness, swelling in the neck or throat, mouth sores, skin rash, nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, irregular heartbeat, numbness or tingling of the hands or feet, a m...

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