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Could anyone please explain the massive increase in costs over the last 2 months?? ## Xyvion, which contains the active ingredient Tibolone, isn't available in the U.S., and I haven't been able to find any information on the pricing. Have you tried asking your pharmacist/chemist about it? ## Xyvion I have and they come out with the usual reply of an increase in costs but as there is no equivalent available I find it hard to believe that the cost can go up from $38.00 to $49.00 with 2 price increases over 2 months ## I tried to stop taking it twice but had to go back on it. Had not taken enough with me to South America but amazingly got it without a script for half the price in both Brazil(Salvador) & Argentina (Ushuaia). Also you can buy 1.25mg tablets or 2.50mg & there ...

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Do you need a prescription to get Xyvion, or can it be bought over the counter? Our medical insurance won't pay for it, as they say it is an over-the-counter medication!! ## That's odd that your insurance would say it's an over the counter drug. My research tells me otherwise, that you need a prescription to fill your order of Xyvion. I went to multiple pharmacy websites and went through the checkout process of one to find out that they require a prescription to be faxed over prior to shipment. You may need to get some sort of written verification from your local pharmacy that this is in fact a prescription drug; in order for your insurance to change their mind.

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