White Oblong Pill With One Side Blank And T 133 On The Other


It is supposed to be a pain pill but it's not working at all. I have been prescribed the medicine and it always worked well enough to allow me to function, but this new pill doesn't work. I think they gave me the wrong medication. Can anyone verify it's contents?

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Hi Roxanne,

Is there any chance your pill says T 193 as opposed to T 133?

I haven't come across any specific details on T 133, but T 193 is reportedly identified as a 7.5/325 mg generic Oxycodone + Acetaminophen tablet.

For verification, the manufacturer is listed as Camber Pharmaceuticals and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 31722-0193.

On a side note, there are numerous complaints throughout this forum on Camber Pharmaceutical products lacking efficacy.

I hope this helps!

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I agree 100 percent these T 133 pills do not work at all. The ones from the mfg. Altavista (sp) work 10 to 1 times better.

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Re: Chronic (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I just picked up my script an hour ago and took one for pain and still feel like I took nothing and am still in pain. I then noticed they changed from the flat oblong ones to the more solid oblong ones with T 133 which is not the normal brand. Not sure what’s going on but I’ll give them a Day then I’m calling my doctor. It sucks because this happened before at another pharmacy when the gave me round 7.5’s instaed of oblong and I had to go to different pharmacies in person and ask if they had the type that works for me because they won’t give they info over the phone. Why do they switch especially after so many years with the same company and do not alert customers to give them a choice before hand?

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Re: Jack (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I asked that VERY same question and I was told it was due to the "opiate crisis" manufacturers are popping up and the cost vary so widly between the thousands of drug manf plants and many of the ingredients come from "outside sources" which are regulated by the FDA and the protocol for the AMT of actual drugs as opposed to the "fillers" in the pill. So yes one mfg might use the higher protocol formula and another one is using the very low end of the forumla so your not getting the same formula but they say it's the "equivalent" to the others. It's such a my nute amt they say you wouldn't even notice it"if" it was on the lower level of the "allowable" AMT... Bet if every time they got their kick backs it was .02% less than they were expecting they'd be pretty pissed off.... especially when we're talking billions and billions of dollars

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Hi, my name is Nikey. My doctor switched me from Norco to Percocet 7.5mg (T 133 pill). Now when I looked the new meds up it says it's basically the same. Can you please tell me what the difference is in the two

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where can i find generic brand Camber oxycodone in denver, co?

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