White Round Pill Adderall From Mexico With Ln


I recently filled an Adderall prescription while I was in Mexico and they are little white round pills with a bold "LN" printed on one side. Are these a legitimate brand of this medicine?

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I've done some research and the problem I've found with these pills is that people have purchased small, white round tablets with the bold LN marking as various medications in Mexico.

There are posts online listing them as Phentermine, Adderall, Xanax and several others.

This isn't the first time this has happened and I doubt it will be the last.

However, in light of that, no I have no idea what these are, but I certainly wouldn't trust them to be Adderall.

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So there is no way of finding out what pill it actually is... I took it and it felt like an "upper" (an amphetamine). Anyone know any other information or who I would contact in order to figure it out!?

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I also should let you know I bought them from a pharmacy in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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I was also in Cabo recently (04/29). I asked for adderall at a pharmacy too and got the same pills. I'm not sure if they're actually adderall & haven't been able to find out. The other purchase from the pharmacy is questionable also since there are no imprint.

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I just returned from Cabo as well and stumbled across this feed bc I got the same pills and had the same questions. I bought them as phentermine, a weight loss medication that is a slight upper, bc I forgot to pack them for my trip. I have a feeling that all these pills are the same and they sell them under several different names. They are probably caffeine pills.

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You took a pill not knowing for sure what it is?? Unbelievable!!

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Adderall brand name doesn't exist in mexico. So not adderal. Ritalin is the substitute. Go off the latin name of the drug. If you are sensitive you might notice a difference. Bring pills to a pharmacist in America and ask them. You play pill roulette in Mexico. I'd just try it to see if it works - regardless what it is - if you don't have any bad side effects to a 'brand' change - then you won't know the difference. You may need to adjust medicine dosage accordingly. Talk to a pharmacist in cvs or rite aid or Walters for free. They are professionals and can answer all questions.

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If you don't speak Spanish be careful. It's hard when things get lost in translation. Pepsi and coke make soda. But then you got Dr p. If you can afford in states - buy it in the states or go to a pharmacy with Internet and Google medical pages for your drug in Spanish so they can find your coke to the Pepsi you normally take! It's complicated and most people barely understand English. But drugs in Mexico aren't always as good or reliable as America. Be smart and do your research and you should be fine. I go to tijuana once a month for health care cause I live in California.

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Yours had no imprint? Mine do not wondering if they are fake :/

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Good question, but we mostly know, but really it's good questioning it. What is it and strength, ya know.

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They are reliable. Just because of a language issue doesn’t mean Mexico sells bad medicine. America is the most expensive country on medication because they signed a deal with doctors and pharmacists as well as the powerful government, hospitals, and you. They test people here and give what they want you to take. If it doesn’t work you get another type of medication similar to the previous one until the virus, pain, or whatever goes by itself normally and naturally or until you end up in the ER and get the most common medicines to calm your symptoms down (and hope you survive). I get a phentermine prescription filled in Mexico for $10 dollars, while here they cost $55-$75 a month. They tell you the $75 dollar ones are a higher dose, but they put them in a bottle themselves and hand write the label. USA makes it super legal. I don’t see why Mexico should have to be suspicious or unreliable, y’all need to go and take a chill pill and stop assuming or as it says in the Bible, stop judging if you don’t really know.

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Did the Mexican Adderall brand work for you?

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Hi there did you find it as Adderall or Ritalin

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I just got some 30 mg orange no imprint they don’t look real

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