What Is A Replacement For The New Opanas


Since the pharmacutical company has changed the Opanas my medicine isnt doing what I need to relief me of my pain,what are the best medications should I talk over with my Doctor in order for me to get that will give me the satisfaction of not hurting constantly like the old Opanas did?

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There is a time released medication available called Exalgo, which contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, it is also a very potent narcotic.


Another option would be MS Contin, which is a time released formulation of Morphine, it's also available as a generic.


Have you talked to your doctor about it, yet?

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I am on 4 30ml Oxy ir and 2 30 ml of morphine sulfate the morphine makes me nauseated. What should I ask my doctor to switch me to 40ml Oxy ER?

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If in the USA try immediate release Opana on qds basis. Otherwise there are Global Pharma 'G74' 40mg ER. Top quality.
For cheapness (one tenth of the US price) Ziska Pharma from Bangladesh, the only other country where oxymorphone is licenced, make the O-MORPHON brand in 10mg IR form.

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I need some sample packs of ur Opana 40 mg ER is that possible?

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