Wegovy Stomach Bloating And Weight Loss


So I started on wegovy around 7 weeks ago. I've dropped from 277 to 240 in that time span. One thing I noticed is that my upper stomach area is still always bloated and like I'm retaining water. I know since my diet has drastically changed, my calories have dipped. So one, I'm not eating no where as much as the past, and I guess not getting a ton of fiber. I can't stand Metamucil. Was wondering for any other tips. Thanks.

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As an adamant non-fan of Metamucil, I feel your pain. You can get fiber capsules that will help. Just make sure to take them with plenty of water. I take 3 capsules twice a day, and it helps. You can buy these at the grocery, drug store or online.

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How does everyone deal with the gas and upset stomach?

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Fiber pills (at least 6 per day), lots of water, occasional magnesium hydroxide, and dried fruit (esp. prunes).

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I found having cup of coffee in the morning and Beano pill and Gas X generic pills help with the gas and belching very much. Some Pepto Bisthmal and ginger candies or even an RX for Zofran for nausea if needed.

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My doctor suggested that I try going 8 or 9 days between shots because I am reacting badly to the 1.0 dose. She also called in more 0.5 just in case I would still not be able to tolerate 1.0 and because she knew it was back ordered. Based on how I feel today, I think I am going to have to pick up those 0.5 pens.

Sounds like you are losing a lot of weight in a short time and yet are probably at a low dose.

I’m posting here because I’m having side effects myself and wanted to see what other people are saying. But of course there is no substitute for discussing with a doctor you like and trust. Do not change anything unless your doc says!

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Just started my first Wegovy 0.25mg injection five days ago. Almost since day one I have felt extremely full and bloated, and have been eating and drinking very little. Is this how Wegovy is supposed to feel? I’m not sure I can deal with this indefinitely, if so. Maybe I need a laxative?

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Five days ago, so maybe you worked this out by now. I wouldn’t take over the counter drugs without talking to my doctor.

Everyone is different. I have found that 0.5 is the highest I can tolerate. It is very gradually getting easier. Problem is shortages at lower doses. I need more next week. Last time I had to try many pharmacies; this time I don’t know if anyone has it.

Supposedly the low doses are being held out to keep away new patients so they can fill doses for existing patients. But not all existing patients need or can tolerate high doses.

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I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced heavy bloating and regurgitation while on Wegovy? As I've gone up in dose, which is not that high btw (1MG), I have become much more bloated - feeling of trapped air and also have moments of regurgitation - bits of food that's not fully digested coming up after a sudden urge comes on. It's not nausea, it just seems to be my stomach wanting the food out.

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I just started on Wegovy three days ago at 265 pounds. I’m hoping I do as good as you do because my goal is 30 pounds in this three months prescription.

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