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I have been suffering from Clinical Deep Depression for 19 1/2 years now. I was on Cipralex for at least 15 years (I am extremely sensitive to antidepressants) - Cipralex stopped working and I have been put on Brintellix/vortioxetine - first week - had to cut Cipralex down to 10mgs for 5 days, then start Brintellix/vortioxetine 5mg and 5mg Cipralex for a further 5 days, then 10 mg Brintellix/vortioxetine for almost 2 weeks, started 15mg of Brintellix/vortioxetine yesterday - have been feeling extremely terrible in myself, thoughts of suicide and self harming have been rearing their ugly heads in my mind, can't stop crying and if not crying am biting at the ones I love. Seriously feel I could do something very stupid. Currently waiting on my doctor ringing me as I have run out of thi...

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I have been on Trintillex for several years now. I do not have any side effects. I did have headaches and dry mouth in the first several months. This medication changed my life for the better, I am me again. I recently became quite sick with what I'm hoping is a cold. I did have to start an antibiotic/antifungal medication today with a cyst that ruptured. My question is, what can I take to help my cold, itchy dry eyes, itchy throat, dry cough, sneezing and itchy/painful ear? ## Hi Stellar, Sorry to hear about the symptoms you're experiencing. Interestingly enough, NIH.gov lists "itching" as a side effect of Vortioxetine (the active ingredient in Brintillex/Trintillex). It doesn't specifically say where the itching could occur, but that may be something to keep in min...

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