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Does anyone have experience with skin sun sensitivity and extended voriconazole use for propholactic purposes (in immune deficiency patients). ## Sun sensitivity is normal when you are taking these types of medications. ## Sun sensitivity is one thing, but red face and hands, blistering of toes and itchcy scalp are unpleasent. I have been on voriconizole or six months and my consultant told me to take a two weeks break; after ten days there is no improvement and my itchy forehead is driving me mad. ## Just finished my first 4 months on Vori after being unable to take Itraconazole last year. Have tolerated Vori much better. Docs are monitoring my IgE levels monthly and if the IgE score stays dropping then maybe I will not have to take Vori soon or maybe much later in time. But the Docs h...

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For fungal infection of respiratory tract, I was on Voriconazole 100mg twice a day medication for 11 days. Had head heaviness, slight imbalance while walking and slight loss of hearing. Phlegm secretion was 90% controlled. ENT specialist examined my eyes, ears, throat and nose and gave a clean chit. He prescribed Parit D tabs to be taken twice daily before food for 10 days and then report.