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I am taking Vitaplex plus for energy ## i was prescibed vitaplex P for sickle cell trait, since other meds were giving me naseau, the pharmacist gave me Vitaplex M instead. i want 2 know the difference between the 2 drugs? ## Vitaplex, as well as Vitaplex P, and Vitaplex M are just multivitamin/mineral supplements that are used to help ensure that someone gets the proper amount of the vital nutrients that it contains. Some people experience nausea, and constipation as side effects due to its potency. Ref: Vitamin Information Mystic, I am not sure what the difference is between them. Have you asked your doctor, or pharmacist for more details? Are you on any other medications?

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VITAPLEX M CAPSULES ## What is the difference between the p and m vitaplex and which one change the colour of your stool. ## What are the uses of taking vitaplex m and the possible side effects? ## I am gluten intolerant, does Vitaplex M have gluten? The hospital recommended this vitamin, but I forgot to mention that I am gluten intolerant. Thanks for your help.

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one capsules to be taken once daily after a meal ## This a nutritional supplement that contains Folic Acid, vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. It is used to ensure you are getting the proper amount of these vital nutrients, a lack of them can cause some severe health complications. Did you doctor prescribe these? ## I am pregnant and was given viterplex plus wanted to know if this will harm my baby. ## No It won't harm your baby. It is given to you to help with the proper development of your baby.

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Can I obtain a similar product as VitaPlex Plus Multivitamin which no longer exist? ## Hi John, You may be able to find a multivitamin with the same or close to the same ingredients. Do you still have the bottle?If so, you could call a vitamin supply store such as "the Vitamin Shoppe" and ask them if they have something similar. Just tell them what the Vitaplex Plus contains and they might be able to find a match. I hope this helps!

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