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my father 75 year old, on his third month in vidaza. every month he had diffrent side effects. this time his both leg shin is so painful. does it mean his MDS is became really bad or is it still a side effect of vidaza or vidaza didn't work for him? ## Hello, Sarah! How is your father doing? Unfortunately, all cancer medications tend to make people pretty miserable and cause crazy side effects, its just the nature of how they work. Any unusual symptoms should be discussed with his doctor, to be sure, but generally you can't rule much out, with these medications. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, anxiety, dizziness and cold symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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my farher in law is in his third month in vidaza, every month had diffrent sise effects. this time his both leg shin if painful. does it mean his MDS is vexoming really bad or is it stil sise effect of vidaza or vidaza doesnt work for him?:) ## Hello, Sarah! How he doing? The FDA does list aches, pains, fever and flu like symptoms as possible side effects of this medication, along with nausea, loss of appetite, feeling weak and headache. All medications used to treat cancer are potent and well known to cause crazy side effects. Has he asked his doctor about it? They should be able to let him know if this is normal, or not.

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My father, 81, was diagnosed with AML 6 months ago after having MDS for several years. 20% blasts in bone marrow, and transfusions every few weeks. Neupogen for low white counts. Started Vidaza, and after 2nd round, has had radiating neuropathy-like pain in the abdomen, chest and into the armpits. Vicodin not really helping the pain. Have read about Vit B supplements, and will inquire about that to doctor. Most Internet searches for neuropathy after chemotherapy talk about the hands and feet, but not "trunk" neuropathy. Anyone else experience pain in the trunk area post Vidaza? And if so, please share ## Well, peripheral neuropathy is the most common, due to the fact that the tissue in those locations is very thin, so there is less protection for the nerves all around and they t...

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Dears, My father is suffering from Hemolitic anemia and MDS. he is 70 years old. he has been on Vidaza treatmnet for 3 months (3 cycles achived). the only improvement he showed is that he didnt need for the past month only, any blood or paletets. but the paletets count did not increase. my quetion is shall we proceed with Vidaza treatment for 6 or 9 months as i read on several websites? or since he didnt show any improvements means he is not responding to Vidaza and shall be stopped? please advise.. and if any other alternative please advise also. thank you Regards ## Would somebody please reply on my previous post! thx in advance ## What has his doctor advised? When it comes to such a serious medical condition, the best and safest approach is to follow the advice and instructions of a ...

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I finished my 1st cycle of Vidaza 2 days ago and I was wondering how much longer this lack of apettite is going to last. ## I don't really have an estimate to give you, because there isn't a lot of information listed for it, at this time and even when there is, it can vary from person to person. Have you talked to your doctor about it? The main thing that you have to remember is that you need to eat, even if you don't have much of an appetite, so you should make sure you eat at least small meals on a regular basis.

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