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I just received a prescription for Veltin and the mail carrier left it in my mailbox. The temperature outside is close to 90 degrees and when I took the tube out of box it felt extremely hot. I don't know how long it was out in the heat. I'm assuming maybe 4 hours. The box label indicates it should be stored at 77 degrees and it definitely was hotter than that. I called the pharmacy & they said it was still fine but I have read that the hot temperatures could deteriorate the product and cause potency loss. Just curious if anyone else has had this experience or knows whether it's still good? ## It should be fine, unless it was out there for a long period of time, just as your pharmacy said. While medications can deteriorate due to time, temperature, and storage conditions...

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I had a severe acne breakout due to stress so I have been using Veltin for 3 weeks and noticed some improvment but not as much as I was hoping for. I'm not stressed anymore but am still having a few new pimples. I'm wondering if wearing makeup delays the healing process since Veltin opens the pores? ## Hi Valerie, I was prescribed to this as well for acne from my dermatologist. I wear makeup too, and I was curious about the same thing. I am going to try to avoid using makeup, unless I need it. Makeup could get trapped in the open pores, especially foundation. If you need makeup, try mineral makeup because it will not clog the pores the same way as other makeup. You can still use eye makeup, as the gel is not applied around the eyes. Hope this helped!!! ## That is true, almost an...

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