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I have hypothyroid. I have a food intolerence to dyes, fillers and Additives. I found information on Tirosint. It appears to be the least amount of additives. Where can you get it? ## You might want to contact an international firm such as pharmaworld.com - they are located in Switzerland and appear to be run by a credible staff. ## You'd have to ask your doctor to prescribe it as brand medically necessary. Tirosint contains Levothyroxine, and may cause side effects, such as mood changes, weight changes, and hair loss. Ref: Tirosint Information Is there anything else I can help with?

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I switched from Synthroid to Tirosint. I have gained 8 lbs, constipated, hair loss and HBP. Can anyone explain this? ## What dosage were you taking of the Synthroid, and what is your prescribed dose of the Tirosint? Weight changes, hair loss, blood pressure changes, nausea, and dizziness can all be side effects of Synthroid, and Tirosint. Have you consulted your doctor? You might be on too high of a dose, or your body may just need time to adjust to the new medication. Ref: Tirosint Information Why was the change made? What were your levels when they were last checked?

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Been on Synthroid for years (1990's) never been able to get any good results, felt like I was being poisoned every time I took it, my symptoms were horrible. Recently got in to see endocrinologist that prescribed tirosint along with cytomel. 8th day now and a lot of the symptoms I was having on Synthroid are gone, but was wondering how long before I could see results from tirosint. Would love some feedback ## There is really no way to say for sure, generally it takes about 4 to 5 weeks for a medication to reach its full level of efficacy in the body, but it can vary, since we are all different. Ref: Tirosint Information Cytomel Information The FDA lists the side effect you may experience as possibly including: nausea, dizziness, appetite changes, heat sensitivity, excessive sweating...

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Hello fellow Hypothyroidism sufferers, really good posts here. I wish I could read replies. Been on Tirosint for 15 days and a lot of things are better. Joint swelling and pain down, facial swelling down, but hair, nails, and irritability are the same. However, that feeling of being poisoned has really faded. Generic and name brand Synthroid were awful. So fingers crossed for next thyroid test. ## Hello, DeDe! How are you? If you click on any post, and scroll down you will be able to read the relevant replies, if there are any. It can take awhile for everything to turn around, once you find a medication that works for you, if you've already had such improvements after just 15 fays on the Tirosint, then you are doing very well. Its typical side effects may include nausea, weight chan...

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Was on Levothyrosin,synthroid, and Armor thyroid meds over the past 7 years. The experience that I had with each one goes as follows. Levothyrosin made me feel like crap! I was tired,moody,sad,and questioned my sanity while I was on it. Weight gain! Synthroid made my skin,hair dry and brittle! It made me feel very irritated about little things. Weight fluctuation! Next, Armor I liked because I felt great! It helped me get my skin and hair back on a healthy course. Weight loss 20lbs! However, finding a doctor to write a prescription for it became too difficult when I relocated. Every doctor I asked said it may be a natural thyroid med because it comes from a pig but there is nothing natural about it! Anyway, My new doctor asked me to try Tirosint because it was in a liquid gel form and i...

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