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I was taking adderall 10 mg by mouth 3 times a day. Manufactured by Teva. I can't find it at local pharmacy. Anyone know how I can get my medication?

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Hi Shery,

I went onto Teva's manufacturer webpage and found a photo of their 10mg Adderall pill (just scroll down a bit):

I'm thinking you can simply email the company (using the contact link on their website) and ask them about the pill's availability in your area. Generally, if it is not available, the pharmacy can have it shipped there for your prescription or they can provide you with a different brand/generic of the same drug. Studies show that there are no differences in the quality or effectiveness of generic drugs vs brand name drugs. For more info on this comparison, you can visit the link below:

Please post back if you have any other general questions or concerns about this drug.

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No he is absolutely incorrect. There is a huge difference between generic and brand name. Do you know that adderall does not make brand name adderall anymore since shire sold to Teva, and they merged in some drugs with barr. They are all generic except for adderall XR they are still manufactured by shire, and I think one other. Go to Shire web site. CVS is absolutely the worst. They lie as well and say my brand name prescription they have filed is brand name. No it is not, and excuse me it sucks. It is all about what distributor fills the order. I did find one place in Ma. that filled my brand name only adderall 30 mg 60 ct. NDC # 00555-0768-02 by Teva manufacturer. I have fought tooth and nail at so many places lie to make a buck. So if you get a perscription for brand name only do not go to CVS.So call around and try to find a place that used this NDC # product.This is definetly the closest to the ingredients in brand name. CVS uses the cheapest distributor that is why the product sucks and is all filler salts, and no stimulant. We need more people complaining to get back the correct ingredients Shire used: minimal salts.

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I agree that there is a big difference between the different generic adderall products that are out there. You have to find the one that works for you

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I have just out of necessity, learned a lot about generic Adderall, and generics in general. The FDA allows a lot of variances in generic from name brand , the active ingredient can be quite a bit lower or higher and they don't care what kind of binders or other ingredients are in there. I have a family member that was given CorePharma Generic Adderral instead of the Teva/ Barr they had always received from the same pharmacy. The CorePharma wasn't effective . He felt sick and "funny" ( in a bad way) and had more side effects than with the Barr/Teva.

Its (unfortunately) necessary to ask EVEN if in the past you received Barr/ Teva from that pharmacy. Don't be intimidated, or what have you, because its your well being and some of these genetics like CorePharma are poor quality with more and worse side effects. As far as finding Barr/Teva, I live in Washington state and Walgreens has it as well as about 60 percent of other pharmacies I called. As far as what works best in finding it, is old fashioned calling around and asking, stating the amount and strength What brand of generic Adderall do they have, as in right now if you were to go and get it filled. Then from there on out, check and never accept CoraPharma Brand, or any other brand of generic you feel is problematic. I hope the FDA figures this out and tightens the standards re generics.

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I have been taking 10mg generic Adderall 2 times per day from Teva. It is not working... I've spoken with my insurance and Dr. and I can probably get the Brand Adderall. My question is who makes Brand name 10mg IR? Thank you. Any help will do.

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Tod - It appears that the original "brand" of Adderall was manufactured by Barr Laboratories (NDC 0555-0764), but they are now owned by Teva. Is your script labeled "Adderall" or is it labeled as the generic name of "Amphetamine Salts combo" or something similar?

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Re: Tod (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

There is no current "brand name" of IR adderall. It's just generics. The only brand name (Shire) comes in the XR formulation.

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Re: Roy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

It's Adderall .... but he (DR) as of now puts substitution permitted.

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Re: Tod (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I just have a quick question why sometimes when I take a 20 or 30mg adderall usually pink ones I'VE been going like straight to sleep why would this happen or has anyone heard of this happening? This started about 3yrd ago I'm not prescribed it but had a friend at work who would always give me 5 or so more times than not I would go home and go to bed not be wired like I used to any an all help appreciated.

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With all the crazy formulation problems and manufacturing backorders for Teva Adderall, I can't find them anywhere, and I called them (Teva) and she said that they were now shipping out some... Ok, question... since I have never really had a great day with Adderall, if I ask my insurance for the brand name and it's ok'd and all that, then shouldn't the brand name be 100% active med with of course the fillers, etc.? Can you show me the difference in Teva's generic and brand? I hope I explained it right. Thanks.

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I was just wondering is the Teva 10mg Adderall blue pill that says b972 the same exact pill but just a different milligram than the 30 b974 orange tablet of Adderall?

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I have severe narcolepsy & only Teva brand generic adderall works for me, but I have a very hard time finding it. I take 164 20 mg tablets a month. Can I order them from the company? Do you have any resources on how I can get them every month? Thank you

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Hi folks, I'm prescribed generic Adderall IR for ADHD and used to religiously get my prescription filled at Walgreens on Sunset & Western in Los Angeles. About a year ago they changed from the Teva Barr brand to something else that isn't nearly as effective for me. Does anyone know of a pharmacy here in Los Angeles that stocks Teva Adderall as their go-to brand?

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Re: GrizzlyAdam (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Have you tried Cosco?

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I recently had to get my doctor to give me a new Adderall prescription because I received a different generic than I usually take and it didn't work. He wrote Teva brand only on the new one. My pharmacy said they can order it but it's too soon to fill it even though I don't have insurance. Wouldn't it be a new prescription? I've been going to the same pharmacy for 3 years and never had them change it until now. Any advice on how to handle it? Do I have to wait another 3 weeks until I can get the new one filled?

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Wallgreens is the only chain pharmacy I can find that carries those. Stay away from the ones made by Aurobindo, I think they’re fake.
When I had a hard time finding the Tevas I actually called the manufacturer and ask them if they can tell me which pharmacies they ship to. If I remember correctly they were even able to tell me which pharmacy said received recent orders near my ZIP Code.

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Oh I didn’t see this was from 2011. Yeah there was a nationwide shortage that year they didn’t clear up until spring.

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Hi, I am from northeast PA and have started taking Adderall at my doctor's suggestion. Well it worked fine at 20 mg twice a day. I was so happy and content finally. But my pharmacy closed down and now I cannot find Teva brand Adderall anywhere. I called the company who makes it and they said, "try Walgreens, they just shipped a huge amount to them". Well I called them and they do not have it. I would love to know which pharmacies carry Teva brand Adderall near Scranton, PA. I feel like an addict calling pharmacies to see if they have it. They make you feel horrible for asking if they have it. I have tried every other kind of Adderall and they all make me sleepy and I get a headache as soon as I take it. Help. Does anyone know of a pharmacy near Scranton, PA that has Teva? Thank you all!

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Trying to find a pharmacy that has the IR in stock. I've transferred pharmacies 2 times now and I'm not having any luck. I tried calling the Teva support line but that was a big nothing and I'm at a loss. Any advice? I'd like to get my medication this month

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You must be kidding yourself if you think they're all the same

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Re: Mason (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Yes there is brand name instant release adderall on the market. Teva pharmaceuticals currently is the manufacturer. Within the last year I have gotten a prescription of 30mg brand name adderall

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Re: BR709 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

No that's not true the exact same thing happened to me last month, and my doctor wrote me new ones on paper. Now I did have to pay the full price which was around $90 instead of $15.

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