Testopel Pulled Off Market?


My Doctor has informed me that Testopel has been pulled off the market. Are other people being told this and does anyone know why?

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Hello, Andrew! How are you?

I'm sorry, but right now, I can't find any information showing that it has been discontinued or recalled.

Did you doctor provide any other detail, such as why?

Does anyone else know anything?

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I just had my implants 2 days ago. Did not hear about it.

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Where did you go? My doctor also said they are not available right now because of some regulations, so I'm having to get the shots every few weeks instead. :/

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I work in a urology office where we deal with testosterone replacement therapy. Testopel is still available, and we are actively scheduling and placing pellets every week. It's possible your physician does not feel comfortable with pellet placement, or simply does not wish to do such a procedure in his practice. I would get a second opinion. Call other offices and ask if the physicians there will do testopel placement. If so, bring it up with your current physician or move practices.

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Haven't heard anything like this and haven't had any adverse side effects. I'm on my fourth set of 12 pellets as of last Friday. Only issue I've seen is mine tend to burn up in two months or under. 34 y/o, level around 650 seems to be my best point. At this point I can tell when I'm too low...and definitely know when it's too high!

My urologist had me use axiron initially to figure out where my "normal" level should be. After that... using pellets to keep that level, no issues whatsoever. Took months to dial in but life is good once it's done.

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Hi...I have been on pellets for many years and only last month was told that the Govt. has taken them off the PBS so I have been put on injections but it is not as efective as the pellets, Maybe we are expected to pay and fill Govt coffers, Ha Ha Ha

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march 16 2016, understand testopel no longer available

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I just got my 12 testopel pellets on 6/21/2016. It's still on the market.

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Going in for mine today 9/14/16 had been on them for years and for about the last nine months I've had a big battle with the insurance company about them but they finally approved them for the next year and I'm going in to get them today so they are still on the market

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Just got my implants in late November 2016. Dr is a friend and said they give em out every day. Best thing I ever did. Do tend to burn them fast line others have said. They switched me to 10 every 8 weeks now.

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