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I have just been prescribed this medication for nerve issues in my face. I really don't know if I want to take this after reading all of the bad side effects. Could someone out there please tell me if they ever heard of someone getting put on this medication for this reason.

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Hello, Bunny! How are you?

What type of nerve issue?

It has been used to treat trigeminal neuralgia, so it really wouldn't be very surprising for it to be used off-label for others.

The most common side effects that most people experience aren't very severe or dangerous, just drowsiness, headaches, migraines, motor coordination impairment and upset stomach.

Learn more Tegetrol details here.

What has scared you?

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Hello and thank you for your response. I had a bone graft done in my gum so I can get a perm. tooth there however since then I get the tingles up the side of my face and it can be very painful. I just read a lot of the side effects and they just scare me.

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