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- Tagamet is a protagonist for some narcotics (like Methadone) and some benzodiazepenes (like Xanax)... Meaning if you take say 800mg of Tagamet 3 hours Before taking your regular Methadone dose, it will make the effects of the Methadone last longer and stronger (< not always stronger if longer acting, but by experience it does with Methadone) But I 'think' I read that Ativan is not one of the Benzos that Tagamet (generic Cimitedine - sp?) will elongate the effects of. I'm worried since - big surprise! - I have urine drug tests every week or 2 at the Methadone clinic where they Watch it leave and enter the cup. My probation officer 10 years ago wasn't that close to me for testing! Anyways Ativan leaves the body in 7-22 hours max. I know this to be true since I've...

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I am a client at the methadone clinic & I take my med as prescribed & I don't take any other narcotics/prescriptions & have always passed my u.a's. I took 4 tagamet HD pills about 2 hours before taking a drug test & when I got results back, it said I had failed with oxymorphone. I did not take anything else besides tagamet. Can this mess up my drug test results? Plz help. I'm so confused on how I failed this test! Thanks ## Can Tagamet show up on my drug test at my methadone clinic? I have been in mmt for years. My methadone is not working as well. I was looking it up saying that it can help but I'm worried about failing my drug test. I have been clean for a long time and that would not help me. Any advice or anything would be great. Thank you.

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