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Since Eliquis skyrocketed by 500% this year to $600 out of pocket and my Rx plan won't make an exception for a more reasonable price, my Dr. is recommending Xarelto which is significantly lower ($112.50) than Eliquis. However, I am concerned that Xarelto may have a greater potential for bleeding. I am very active and have had no problems with Eliquis after ablation for AFIB over a year ago. Should I make the switch or try filling my prescription for Eliquis online from Canada at half the price?

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it is not legal to fill it outside the U.S.

And yes, you can safely switch from one to the other, if your doctor approves. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding, and stomach irritation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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They are definitely the same "class" of drug. Xarelto is one less per day. I had less side effects with Xarelto but still, do not feel good on these drugs. They dissolved/eroded my blood clot completely and I was grateful to not take them any longer.

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I'm on Eliquis now and feel awful. I asked to be taken off or at least have the dose reduced and was told today my Dr recommends I go on Xarelto rather than reduce or taper off Eliquis. I had a blood clot in my upper arm, believed to have been caused from Covid in January. Suzy Q, did you taper off or go to aspirin? And how are you feeling now that you're off the drugs? Thanks for any info you can share

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Hi, Tess! I spoke with a Phd. pharmacist in another state and she suggested I get a hypercoagulation panel (blood tests) to ascertain my C and S proteins. I fell into the completely normal scales. Since my scan had shown only scar tissue left from the blood clot, I wrote my veneologist a text saying I was going off the maintenance xarelto and taking a baby aspirin every day. I had no problem at all. Have since seen the doctor and will go in to visit again (and I presume a scan) in six months. I feel great being off this medication -- it just didn't agree with my system at all but it did probably save my life from the blood clot hitting my lungs or heart. Since mine was in my leg they had installed a filter in my venacava anyway. Good luck!

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In January of 2023 I was brought to the hospital ER for blood clots in my arm and while there tested positive for Covid. I was put on 24 hour IV Heparin for 3 days, then on 5 mg Eliquis for two days, then discharged and have been on the 5 mg Eliquis since. In April I had difficulty breathing, really gasping when going upstairs at home and had a workup with my Cardiologist. My heart is ok even though I have Myocarditis, it never affected my breathing. Three weeks ago I asked my primary care to help me get off Eliquis after reading many similar complaints on this site. Today I was told she wants me to go on Xarelto. Has anyone here had this issue and gone from Eliquis to Xarelto? I'm not thrilled with the side effects I'm reading for Xarelto and would rather taper down on Eliquis to 2.5 mg twice a day until I can just go to Aspirin. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with their experience or pros/cons for Xarelto. My quality of life is nearly non-existent since I can't breathe simply walking around my home. I was active before this hit me.

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I did better on Xarelto than Eliquis. I still had multiple bad side effects - swelling, joints hurt, horrible odor to my urine, and general lassitude. I did switch to baby Aspirin and had no problems, BUT that was after I had the bloodwork showing all my clotting factors were in normal range. My breathing is better and I feel like myself again. Like I said before, I am grateful there were drugs that may have saved my life, but they were really hard on me and my family.

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