Sulpitac, Feliz, Inderal For What Treatment Is It For ? (Top voted first)


Dear sir,
I used to get angry because some people downstairs use to create nuisense by laughing and loudly speaking. this type noises were not happening earlier.
It started happening at the time when i had lot of workload in office and the same time in the evening these person use to create nuisance at specific time like 7pm,8.30pm and 10pm.
Which caused me lot of irritation and the problem started continuing and lost control and by which I had to lose the Job and my Angry stiil started increasing as these people started making nuisance in morning also. I got suspisious that they are doing purposelly for me and even I started throwing food stuffs outside window to show that this is not public place but residetial area. The more i did the more they started irritating and no one in the building questioned even though they new these person were from other Area.this slowly started outside the area where ever i travelled. I felt someone is observing me and trying to irritate me by showing me they know my personnel details.
by this i totally got out of controll when in home also they started shouting matterless and I started throwing stones but not on person but on vacant area.
This was when those people in night started shouting I threw on vacant area be mistake it touched the electric wire and whole those person started quarelling with me even I shouted at them and whole familly came to know.
Then I was taken to psychtrist who suggested me these Tablet
and now I am in medication since 3 Years which really makes me feel sorry that because those person I have to take the Tablets and after this they also shifted the house and after 1 Year we also shifted the house.
now i feel all these were done knowingly for some purpose without any reason. I felt why parents were silent all the Time untill i went to doctor they could have sent me away for some priod outside as even I did not have the Job. Why they made me to take the Medicine. now after changing the residense I am not giving any importance as every where in the area they try to lose my temper as I pass by them they start spitting, sweep the area. some times get angry because of these activity.
Any how I am taking the Tablets Forcefully but what is the side effects once I stop taking the Medicine.
The doctor each time I visit he says to continue with Table Untill I get a Job. I am not getting the Job because of this problem as every friend circle has come to know about this. In Interview they make me to sit long time in cabin single and then do interview. As i sit single for certain time my hand starts vibrating now.
I really want to know what exactly is the treatment for ?
This could have been avoided if i had been in some other place where there could have been no nuisence

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i am asking about round pink tablets. when i asked about them i was told that they are 5mg inderal tablets. is there such thing? are they really inderal, if not please tell me what it may be? and what is the good side of them and what are it's side effects please.

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same like 4 me... parents make me take sulfitac with nexito.. could hear people talk about me but.... was not anything emotional.. just got to know ...

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similar for me

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