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Has anyone had the Sublocade injection? I'm seriously thinking about switching from the films to the monthly injection.

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I haven't tried it, but do think it would be interesting to read how the shot compares to the films or sublingual tablets with regards to efficacy, bioavailability, duration of effects and so forth.

According to the manufacturer, "In a 24-week clinical study, people who received Sublocade plus counseling were more likely to have weeks without opioid use compared with people who received a placebo shot (an inj. with no medication) plus counseling."


Also, there are some people who take Subutex (buprenorphine) for pain management instead of opioid cravings even though it's not specifically indicated for such use. I'd like to hear feedback from those patients as well when comparing Subutex to Sublocade.

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Hi, David! I'm scheduled to have the injection in mid September. I'm extremely anxious as anyone would be I'm sure. I'll definitely be posting my thoughts & opinion after I'm given the injection.

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Hello I have been on sublocade since april of this year. I went from 2 strips of 8mg each per day, to nothing but the injection. Everything was good for the 1st 2 months, but once I went to the 100mg shot it only lasted about half of that first month until I started to feel withdrawals. I toughed it out for another week or so before breaking down and calling my dr. He called in a few subs until my next appointment, and immediately got approval to put me back on the 300mg injection again. Since then that's where I've been and everything is fine and dandy. The shot does hurt for 10 to 15 minutes after receiving it, but after that the only noticable side effect is a day of injection euphoria, mild headaches for a day or two after getting the shot, and a half dollar sized bulge in my abdomen. I like the freedom from managing my subs that this has given me. No more running out early, dealing with stupid pharmacists, or any of the other daily maintenance issues. I hope it works for you as well as it's worked for me should you try it!

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I received my first Sublocade injection yesterday around noon & so far, I'm feeling okay physically but caught myself several times yesterday going to my purse to take a Suboxone but quickly reminded myself I had the shot but did that several times wanting to put something in my mouth as I'm so accustomed to doing, it's that hand to mouth technique/ritual that I'm struggling with a little. Woke up this morning & went straight to my purse & stopped myself once again & just kinda stood there, staring at my purse. So far, that's my only significant complaint. The injection itself was a little painful but subsided when she removed the needle. As she was administering the medication, I could literally feel the medication going & lining the inside of my stomach, it was a very warm sensation. Hope that I continue to feel okay.

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My husband has had 4 shots so far. 3 months ago was his last shot. He still has not gone through any withdrawal. He still has all the lumps from the shot.

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Questions for people who have had the Sublocade shot:
Is it normal to feel tired for the first few days after getting it? And do you think it's likely because I was only taking 8mg a day films (for about 10 years) and I'm not feeling enough of it? Or is it because I'm feeling too much of the effects? I'm not sure if I should take 2mg or so to see if I'm less tired/more tired? And do you feel this fatigue in the first month only or with every monthly injection? Im soo fatigued and its day 4 from the shot. Caffeine doesn't help at all! And I have a little nausea and constipation too... I do know of people having to supplement with films in the beginning (like 2mg-4mg for a few weeks) but just trying to see what I should expect... I've also heard that after the 2nd shot your body is at a more stable therapeutic level and it gets better... only looking for replies from people with experience or actual knowledge... thanks!

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I'm getting my second shot of Sublocade this Wednesday. Are they going to give me a urine drug screen before they administer the shot? They already gave me a urine drug screen at the initial appointment yesterday.

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I highly suggest numbing your abdomen with ice 30 minutes prior to the injection. You won’t feel much.

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