Streptozocin(stz,zanosar) Available?



My friend in China is searching desperately now for the following cancer drug for her mother, who seems to have the same type of pancreatic cancer as Steve Jobs: ..."

Streptozocin (STZ, ZANOSAR)

But as far as she knew, this drug is still in research stage in China, not ready for patients. She's wondering if this is available in U.S.? Where to find out more information about this drug?

Thanks much,

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Hi Elaine,

I don't mean to sway off topic much, but have you considered the option of using any natural methods to help your friend cure her mother of cancer?

There is literally tons of information floating around the net regarding using Raw Vegan Diets to kill the cancer cells and simultaneously heal the body. A much safer route than chemo and radiation in my honest opinion. There are also some very powerful essential oils that can be used for this purpose as well; but raw vegan is more beneficial for the long run of ridding and preventing cancer within the body.

Here is one site that offers some solid advice (but I would look at many more as well):

I hope this info helps!

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Thanks David for the suggestion. That's an interesting website you sent. I'll pass it to my friend.

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Have you checked zanosar's webpage?

all the best

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