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I believe Fl. has the worst problem with going overboard on tightening up the oxycodone supply. OK there were alot of deaths from it but Fl. is home to alot of older people no denying that. This is the retirement state so of course we have more oxycodone being prescribed here than most states. But this across the board slamdown on all doctors and pharmacys within just a couple of years was not the way to do it. Sure we want the out of staters not to come here. But now we can't even leave the county we had the script filled in. You know what I'm saying. I've tried writing to WPBF in West Palm Beach with no response so I'm going to try again and at another station and the papers. There are so many 100% legitimate pain patients that are having an extrordinarally hard time getting a normal prescription filled, not for thousands of pills at a time but even 60 they're giving us the "I don't feel comfortable" line. Yea, you don't feel comfortable! We all need to write and complain wherever and whenever we can, thats how this started and maybe that's the way it can be fixed, and then brought back to a more sane and healthy state.

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There's actually new thread here in the forums with a petition against the "so-called" shortage of Oxycodone. The information on the petition pretty much relates to what you're saying here, so I thought you might be interested in taking a look at it:

I hope this helps!

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Ok, thank you !

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Upon reading the petition I am still convinced that a more down to earth approach is necessary, in addition to that petition that goes who knows where. If enough people call e-mail, write their local paper and television station eventually they will smell a buck to be made and the story will get out. Just like they did when a mothers son or daughter od'd and they sat down for 45 minutes and listened to every word they had to say. You know I'm sorry the kid did that but face it they are the ones that took to many pills. Doctors did not force them too. Right now we have the parents letting their kids take whatever they want out of their bathroom medicine chest. ODing, Then blaming the doctors for overprescribing. Then the pharmacy's get scared about losing their liscense and saying "sorry I don't feel comfortable." You know about the parties where all the kids will go gather up what they can find then go somewhere that the parents aren't home, mix them all together and play grabbag. Parents this is the 20th century you no longer have the luxury of pretending your kids are perfect. Buy a safe if you have narcotics. Whoever did that? People with serious pain are not the ones abusing these pills we need them to last every single day of the month till we can refill and the few pills were allowed and the tolerance we have makes overdosing very unlikely. Florida after being the sore spot of the country now all of a sudden wants to prove they are the US model of drug dispensing. Well if the people who are in legitimate need are suffering then you do have not the perfect model.

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I fully support and agree with what the petition stands for, I also agree it's a disgrace how pain patients are being treated all over the US. However, I can't sign this petition in it's current form, not with all the grammatical and spelling errors in it; and no one is going to take it seriously until it's edited and corrected. Please, whoever wrote this petiton, I urge you to go back and check your sentence structure and spelling and make corrections, so it has a greater chance of being taken seriously; and hopefully garner more signatures to attract the attention needed to help our plight. Thanks.

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